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British Columbia Logging Railways, Lumber and Paper Industries.

Paper Excellence

Acquired 2019 Catalyst Paper Corp. three mills in Campbell River, VI, Crofton, VI, and Powell River, BC.

Paper Excellence 696 (ex Catalyst Paper 16, Powell River)
SW900u EMD 19648 6/1954.

M&B 16 Acquired 10/1987 ex SP 1197, 1179, nee 4633.

Note: Scroll way down to M in main gallery for more M&B photos.

Main Gallery

Alberni Pulp & Paper

Alberni Pulp & Paper 76-10 45-tonner Port Alberni, VI 8/08/1974 Robert Farkas

Crown Forest

Crown Forest 7128

CFP 98 (later renumbered 251) one-of-a-kind diesel shay! 400 hp Cummins.
Built 1951 by Tyee Machinery, Vancouver using components of steam Shay locomotive.

Three views of tiny 7 ton diesel mechanical Plymouth DL2 1662 2/1924 ex Alberni Pacific 7
Three photos Jim Booth

This style of speeder was used by various BC logging railways to transport workers to logging sites.

CANFOR Northwood 104 NRE 2GS14B gen set 058-0209 12/2010
Oshkosh, WI 1/2011 Dan Braun

Note: Sold c.E/2021 East Coast Locomotive (D), leased
Plains Midstream Canada, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

CANFOR 103 still painted for Northwood Pulp & Timber Ltd. Fraser Flats (10km S/E P.Geo.)
Acq. 10/1989 (ex PAL 11, Iowa 11, nee MILW 650/2045) SW1200 EMD #20080 12/1954
Prince George August 17/1998 Mark Forseille

WRIX (D) 102 sold after delivery of new gen set unit. BNSF New Westminster Yard. Aug.6/2011 Andy Cassidy

CANFOR Northwood 102 (acq. 7/1981) SW1200M rebuilt EMD 23451 4/1959
Originally, CRI&P 517 SW EMD 709 3/1938 Rebuilt 5/1971 SW900m RI 901
Shown after sale/trade in at Clearing Yard in Chicago.

Northwood Pulp & Timber 101 44-ton GE 17877 4/1943 nee US Navy 65-00407 Naval Ammo Depot, Burns City, IN

Preserved 1993 Railway & Forestry Museum, Prince George. 6/16/2008 William Rogerson

British Columbia Forest Products

BCFP 9 note the complete lack of any lettering/numbering on side of loco. Very unusual!
Crofton 7/10/1982

Note: Became Fletcher Challenge. Following retirement to Duncan museum for display.

Here we see BCFP 9 eastbound heading downgrade just about to arrive at the mill one day at a now gone crossing and close to where the CP Crofton Spur ended and BCFP trackage began. This took place one time when the barge slip at the Crofton pulp mill was out of service their rail traffic flowed for a week or so through the marine connections to Wellcox then south to Osborn Bay where the tail of the wye became the interchange. They would come up from Crofthill to Osborn Bay to make the connection and then return to regular pulp mill duties. 6/13/1980 Ken Perry

BCFP 9 looks newly painted! 11/20/1979 Crofton, VI Paul J. Crozier Smith

British Columbia Forest Products Ltd. 9, 650 hp 80-ton Whitcomb #60634 11/1944 Crofton V.I. pulp mill
Acq. 1961, Ex Naval Supply Depot 9, nee USN 65-00342 US Naval Supply Center, Oakland, California.
R.Jowers/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Note: Re-engined (date unknown) with Caterpillar 353 diesels.

British Columbia Forest Products No.1
Vancouver 7/21/1970

CP 6621 on loan to BCFP switching their mill yard. The barge slip is at the other (south) end, not visible.
Crofthill, 12/11/1978 Ken Perry


CANFOR 2 65-ton Atlas Car & Manufacturing Co. #2344 4/1943
nee US Army 7156 Anniston Ordnance Depot

Preserved 1990 Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum 6/16/2008 William Rogerson

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (CANFOR) 300 ex 95 (acq. 10/1955) GE 45 ton OCC #13166 10/1941

This unique Off Centre Cab unit was powered by a 340 HP Cooper-Bessemer diesel engine.
Used on Vancouver Island at CANFOR's extensive non-common carrier (logging) railway.
Shown here at Vancouver equipment dealer. March 1960 David M. More

Built for the US Govt. as QMC 4547 later, US Army 7428. Sold to Port of Olympia 5, Washington.
Sold 2/1961 Jefferson Lake Sulphur 300, Fort St. John, BC. Disposal unknown.

CANFOR 302 one of only three GMD SW1200RS units equipped with dynamic braking all built new for CANFOR.
GMD A830 3/1956 Woss, VI 7/09/1982

. 303 GMD A1715 4/1959 Beaver Cove VI 7/09/1982 Clayton Langstaff

Displayed 3/2021 at Woss Camp along with steam locomotive 113.

CANFOR 304 (ex 4804 see below) Re-engined 1997 with Caterpillar 3512. March 10, 1999 Dave Ames

CANFOR 4804 (acq. 8/1972 ex Georgia Pacific 1203 nee Coos Bay Lbr. 1203)
SW1200 EMD 19663 9/1954 Dynamic Brake equipped. Woss 7/09/1982

Unique style of caboose. CANFOR 4101 Woss Camp September 15, 1998 Dave Ames

Canfor 4103 Woss 9/24/1998

Canfor 4104 Woss 9/24/1998

Loads of logs at Woss Camp September 15, 1998 Dave Ames


Crofthill (Fletcher Challenge Canada) 1500 ex SP 2663. From Crofton, BC enroute to new owner.
Airways Heights, WA 7/02/2010 Richard Olson

Catalyst Paper Corp. 1501 (acq.1996 ex SP 2598) SW1500 1500 hp EMD #4608-8 10/1971
New Westminster December 22, 1998 Mark Forseille

Previously Norkse Canada, Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd., BC Forest Products. Crofton, VI.

Crestbrook Forest Industries

Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd. 14 acq. 9/23/1968 ex CP 14 DTC-2 CLC #2992 3/1958
July 21, 1973 Canal Flats Bill Hooper

Brief history to closure announcement 2015.
Includes photos of CPR trains serving mill.

Crown Zellerbach Canada

Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd. (Comox Logging & Railway) 4097 (ex D&H 4097)
acq. 5/1973 through United Railway Supply (D)
Alco RS-3 Vancouver Island 7/14/1977 Matt Herson/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Note: CZ 02 water car for spraying track to prevent forest fires.
Preserved at Alberni Valley Museum.

CZCX 8427 acq. 9/1980 showing CP chop nose. ex CPR 8427 RS-3 MLW 80992 3/1954
Ladysmith 7/10/1982

Preserved 1986 by Ladysmith Historical Society, acq. 1994 by Western Vancouver Island Industrial Heritage Society,
Lettered for Alberni Pacific at Alberni Valley Museum, Port Alberni, VI Wayne Merlo

CZ 4097 with water car eastbound crossing Nanaimo River. 7/29/1974 Ken Perry

Crown Zellerbach 7128 Comox Logging & Railway Ladysmith, VI 8/16/1972
Baldwin VO1000 64745 4/1943 Acq, 10/1960 ex US Army 7128 Ogden, Utah
Kermit Geary/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper 950-01, (ex CN 7935) Port Mellon.
SW900 900 hp GMD A1187 11/1957
Vancouver 8/30/1998

Former Howe Sound Pulp & Paper 950-01, (ex CN 7935) SW900 900 hp GMD A1187 11/1957
New Westminster. Sept. 11, 2002 Mark Forseille

Shown at Southern Railway of British Columbia shop it became (2005) SRY 001 slug.

MacMillan Bloedel

M&B 16 Acquired 10/1987 ex SP 1197, 1179, nee 4633.

Powell River, BC

Subsequent owner; Various companies that owned the mill until closed 12/2021 by Paper Excellence.
Relocated to Crofton, VI. Donated 2022 to E&N Div. CRHA, Victoria, VI.

MacMillan Bloedel, Harmac 1012(2nd) acq. 1956 (ex PGE 551) GE 65-ton 29951 6/1948
Vancouver 12/24/1986 Preserved WCRA Squamish

MacMillan Bloedel 76-11 (ex 11-76) Port Alberni, acq. 10/1975 GE 45-ton #17722 11/1942
Built for US Army 7089 Ozark Ordnance Plant AK, 1975 to US Navy 65-00568 Jacksonville, FL

Preserved 1987, currently at Alberni Valley Museum, Port Alberni, VI

Western Forest Products

Western Forest Products 302 (formerly, Canadian Forest Products 302) SW1200RS GMD A830 3/1956
One of only three GMD SW1200RS units equipped with dynamic braking. Re-engined 1998 with Caterpillar 3512

Western Forest Products Inc. 303 still painted for CANFOR SW1200RS with DB GMD A1715 4/1959

WFP 301

WFP 301 on the way to Camp A 6/19/2013

WFP 302 leads empties crossing crossing Storey Creek. 6/18/2013

WFP 304 crossing Steel Creek bridge on the way to Beaver Cove. 6/18/2013
Ex CFP 4804, ex Georgia Pacific 1203 nee Coos Bay Lumber 1203.
SW1200 EMD 19663 9/1954

WFP 304_302 have their train together and is departing Camp A Reload.
Woss March 25, 2017

WFP 123 with trailer carrying workers. Nimpkish Lake Spur September 16/2016



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