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Vancouver Harbour Commissioners Terminal Railway

The Vancouver Harbour Commission Terminal Railway later became part of the National Harbours Board (which also operated in Montreal QC) and eventually was taken over by Canadian National January 1, 1953. The VHCTR operated on both sides of Burrard Inlet, crossing to North Vancouver on the first Second Narrows Bridge. This was a low road-rail bridge with level crossings at both ends! The southern end of the bridge had only a narrow piece of land between it and the CPR, itself pinned against a high bluff. As a result, the curve from west to north was quite a sharp one. John Picur

Opening ceremony of North Vancouver tunnel 1928. North Vancouver Archives


202 Cyl. 21" x 28" Drv. 51" Press.190 lbs. t.e. 39% MLW 67624 1928 Became CNR 7542
City of Vancouver Archives

204 has same specs as 202 MLW 68225 1929 Became CNR 7543
City of Vancouver Archives

City of Vancouver Archives



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