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Tractive Power Corp

North Vancouver, BC

Founded in 2010 this small local company has developed a unique industrial switcher
built from part of an SD40 frame and a single truck from that unit. A micro-loco!

TP56 model. 80-ton 375 HP Caterpillar. 56,000 t.e. 27 feet 10 inches long. Built 11/2013 Squamish, BC
Photo: Traction Power Corp.



Comparison to car movers.

Curry Rail Services
Construction List

Build No. Bld Date Road No. Model Weight Donor Unit Notes
12/2015 FWDX 0002 TP70 200,000 lbs PWSX (CP) 785 SD40-2 Cat C9.3 475 hp tier 3 emissions;
for Kinder Morgan at North Vancouver, BC
1/2016 TP56 160,000 lbs PWSX (CP) 785 SD40-2 Cat C9.3 400 hp tier 4 emissions;
demonstrator at Curry Rail in Hollidaysburg, PA

11/2015 another frame arrived cut in two pieces from a former Union Pacific unit.

The first TP-C (TP56 #5601) was built 11/2013 at Squamish, BC.
March 1, 2014 lease/purchase to Parish & Heimbecker Ltd. sold 12/2014 (Cat C9 375 hp tier 3 engine)

Price: $750,000


Curry Rail Services plant Holidaysburg, PA

This company has been engaged (May 2015) to build future locomotives.

Demonstrator TP56 80-ton 400 HP Built 1/2016 Curry Rail Services. Holidaysburg, PA

See this locomotive under construction.

Parrish & Heimbecker 5601 (acq. 1/2014) switching their Cloverdale Inland Terminal in Surrey, BC.

FWDX 0002 TP70 100 ton 475 HP Tractive Power built by Curry Rail Services, Holidaysburg, PA 12/2015
Moving DIT (Dead In Transit) to Kinder Morgan North Vancouver. Altoona 12/31/2015 Lance R. Myers

Note: unit in front is ex GO 536 moving as RNCX 18536 ex RB Group 18536 nee GO 536.

FWDX = Tractive Power Corp.

Subsequent users;

10/2021 STELCO Lake Erie Works (Nanticoke), Haldimand, ON
Three month lease.

FWDX 0002 enroute at Brantford, ON 10/28/2021

1/2022 moved to Fairview Cove Container Terminal, Halifax, NS
for export to new owner in UK.

Railway Support Services, Wishaw (near Birmingham) England.

Recently arrived at new owner. Not yet modified with European-style couplers.

Several units planned for local switching operations in England. .




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