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West Side Story Apartments
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

West Side Story Apartments

Westside Story Apartments   Here is the tragic West Side Story Apartments.  They are located on The West Side, next to the West Side Intermodal Yard.  Just like the musical, the West Side Story apartments are the home of a poor little latina named Maria....
    Graffiti covers these buildings on the wrong side of the tracks.  The cat is the sign of the notorious all girl street gang, The 6th Street Latinas.  This is their home turf.
Maria from Westside Story
Westside Berdoo

6th Street Latinas Sharks Jets


The Water Street building has been relocated and two new buildings now take it's place, Ladies Night (and a Furniture Store not pictured).

Westside Story Apartments San BernardinoWest Side Story Apartments Now RentingWestside Story Apartments


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