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West Side Intermodal Yard
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

West Side Intermodal Yard

    Here is the new West Side Intermodal Yard.  It is in the downtown area.  Squeezing many buildings together in a small space with several cars and trucks works well for creating an urban setting in a small space.  The double tracks can hold ten 89' flatcars or even more doublestacks or impact spine cars, while the actual modeled part of the yard is only a couple of feet.

A constant line of trucks around the clock makes this a busy place.

The maintenance shed is located at the east end of the yard.  It services the lifts and the yard tractors.  There are several dock workers operating the lifts, directing traffic and even on lunch break.  This is not a ghost town.

This lift quickly and easily loads either containers or trailers.

This leased cab over is hooked up to a container trailer from Asia.

Independent owner operators pick up and deliver trailers to local businesses.

The trucks are all detailed and must either have a driver inside the cab or near by.
Notice the weathering on the container.

This old beer belly is directing the drivers.

This truck is ready and waiting to pick up a trailer.

A special Trailer Train flatcar can hold 3 UPS trailers.


This Road Champ's Peterbuilt had it's Hot Wheels replaced with scale size tires and wheels from A-Line. 

Other details including mirrors, wipers, mud flaps, lights and reflectors are added and painted.   The drivers and other workers here are all custom hand painted by myself.

The Athearn cab overs have interiors made from Tyco cabs.  The Athearn conventionals have a driver glued to the ceiling or back wall.   This is a good way to show an interior without actually having one.



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