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Sept. 1901
Dec. 1901

Published on an irregular basis indeed...

April 19, 1905.

Much has happened in the world of Idaho Narrow Gauge News since the last update. We have moved again, this time to a newer home with plenty of aminities but no workable garden space (for a railroad at least), this is a temporary move at best and hopefully by the end of the two year lease we will be buying a home and not moving again for the forseeable future.

We have more to add to this news journal such as updated links and updates to the modelling section, but this site is getting to the size that it is very difficult to manage updates with all the manual changes that must be made to each page. I am looking for some sort of simple way to automate this process, any ideas, please email.

It has not been our custom to include a photo in the editorial section (in keeping with our proper early 20th century newspaper motif) but will make an exception here because we also have a new addition to the family as of the end of March when little Gregory was born. Here, he will wave to you:

The main reason for this update (besides I just feel like it) is the Boise Depot 80th Anniversary event that took place April 16 and 17th, 1905. There was also the kickoff for the 'Move Big Mike' fundraising drive which I hope to be a part of. More on all of this in Idaho Railroad News Photos.


Thank you for continuing to read our silliness and egotistical meanderings, we hope we have provided some creative distraction and entertainment value.

-The Chief

May 2004 on the Thunder Mountain Line

Our purpose:
For those of you who enjoyed our premier issue of some time ago, we will attempt to keep up the same quality of reporting and commentary on things that are important to your life here at the beginning of this Twentieth Century. Our purpose is to inform in a way no one else in the territory is doing, in the classic style of the ninteenth century you have come to expect from us, without ever taking ourselves, or our readers, too seriously.

Our motto is: "The news on time, within a century or so." That should explain the timely dates on this page.

Photo of the Week

Submitted by our team of 'Territory-Wide' photographers

For more on the 80th Anniversary of the Boise Depot click here or on the photo below.

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Armley Mills Industrial Museum Leeds, UK
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Moving a railroad from Colorado to North Carolina (Fayetteville Observer) WEBSITE GONE!
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The Overfair Railway - The Panama Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, CA, 1915
The Park Train Picture Gallery of Matt Conrad (Near the end under 'Custom and Homebuilt')
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