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It's a strange world sometimes.

Loud music and the smell of the wild garden fills the air, a train rumbles in the distance. You can hear the thump-thump of an old John Deere, and a funny looking dog snorts through some odd canine dream. It becomes a strange place after sundown but before dark, out by the witch tree, where the hawks and owls compete for food and swoop near your head unseen but felt enough to give you a chill. Or down by the creek where the hordes of mosquitos thicker than bugs in an open can of motor oil attack with a feriosity worthy of any wild beast.

Inside - surrounded by old guitars of every configuration, speakers, stands, and cables everywhere you make your way past the stacks of home canned fruit and vegetables to see several old decrepit model railroads and a high shelf stacked with old Macintoshes running some kind of server of 'rust'. What is all this stuff? Why does everything I try to write turn in to a macabre melodrama....



The trains are now all where they belong:

The Idaho Narrow Gauge News


The Unknown Legends - My sometimes band: History, future and maybe soon some music to download! SOON
Neil Young Live - Photos and memories of concerts I have been to


Rusted Mac - Hacks, tweeks and fun with the coolest computer since the Amiga
Cottonwood Hill Ranch - More than just noxious weeds?
Walrus Webtech - Webdesign and animation sometimes, just a tax write off other times....
Joanna's Jewels - JoAnna's Cards and Specialty Soaps
Amazon Woman! Updated An easy to remember forwarding link to this page
Escape From Darkworld - Information about the book I am trying to write
The Unknown One's Own Page

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Here's Didi, Watch Out For That Tail!
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Updated 30.11.2002