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If you have probed this deep into this site you are either really curious, really bored, or just sick.

This page is a collection of my various rants, strange sense of humor and other things that just don't fit elsewhere on this site.


You are probably wondering: 'Who is this guy?' Well here is a photo taken by JoAnna on our fourth anniversary (that's her gift of four candles on a chocolate cupcake!)

We live part time at our ranch in Emmett and part time in Boise, closer to JoAnna's work, etc. and have a little daughter Molly, a fat cranky cat Einstein and a rotund dog Didi.

If in perusing this site you haven't figured it out yet, one of my main interests is narrow gauge railroads, among my others are music, and of course computer and web programming. My band goes under whatever name I am enamored with at the time and usually includes myself, and sometimes a couple of friends.

'The Unknown Legends' is the main name of the band, also available in a fun 'grunge country' version called 'M.T. Wallet and the Cowflops'. I play guitar (left-handed) and harmonica (in a rack as my hands are pretty full with the guitar). I also have a cool Epiphone El Capitan acoustic bass that really has a great sound.

I have recently 'switched' in Spring of 2002 from PCs to a Macintosh PowerBook 3400, a very capable machine; though at 180 MHz and over four years old, it is a bit slow these days. What originally got me into Macintoshes was a news item on the Amiga News Network about modifying Macintosh 'Color Classic' computers to become powerful modern machines.

My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20. I sold it and bought a Commodore 64, sold it, bought a Commodore 128 then 128D (which I still have!). I finally bought an Amiga 500 in 1994, sold it, bought an Amiga 3000, sold it and bought an accelerated Amiga 1200 (68030/50MHz) in about 1998 (which I still have).

Of course I had to have PCs for work since 1993 and after buying the first one from my brother (a 386sx 25MHz with mono monitor for $400!) I built every PC I'd ever owned. The last one I built for my former company was a Pentium II 333MHz which was sold with the closing of the company. I was then stuck with the old Pentium 100 until I found a Mac LC at a flea market in Sumpter, Oregon - shortly after reading that article about Power Color Classics. I have since bought a stack of old Macs; some work, some don't. I am more focused on trying to make a living than fixing Macs for now so they sit with the Amiga and 128D out in the shop until I can work on them.


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