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Idaho Narrow Gauge News December 2001

The Idaho Narrow Gauge News

Covering rail-roads "GREAT but small" within the confines of the Idaho Territory. Specializing in 18-inch gauge trains of all types.

Published in the mind of the inventor
...on an irregular basis.
E Pluribus Unum.
Volume 3 Issue 1 1st of December 1901


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EDITORIAL - The I.N.G.N. reaches two years old!
Photo of the week - NEW 1-19-1902
Comics ~ Toy Trunk Railroad
Emmettsville Weather
18 Inch Gauge Railroads Around the World- - - NEW links added 1-31-1902

Cottonwood Hill Ranch Hobby Shop- Great prices on closeout Bachmann trains!
Newly Discovered 25 Year Old Photos
1975 Crown Metal Products Catalog
Crown Metal Products photos and info
Modelling your own railroad - in On18 and On30 - - - NEW 1-31-1902
Idaho Railroad News Photos - Informational Pictorial - NEW 1-20-1902

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The Bugtown and Emmettsville - Full story of the mythical line
Imaginary railroading on a large scale -
25 miles of 18-inch gauge mainline.
A Caboose for Every Use - Three Caboose Designs to Match Many Needs. - NEW 1-31-1902

The Idaho Southern and Pacific Railroad
The R&R Railway Page
The Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad
The Thunder Mountain Line Page
The Sumpter Valley Railway - Narrow Gauge in Oregon Territory

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Russell Courtenay
4464-B West Idaho Blvd.
Emmett, ID 83617

If you have stories or information about ANY railroads in Idaho or an 18" gauge railroad ANYWHERE in the world that could be included here, PLEASE contact us at the above address.

Sept. 1901

The 'Idaho Narrow Gauge News' reaches two years of age

Greetings from the Emmett, Idaho headquarters of the I.N.G.N.

Welcome to the beginnings of our December 1901 issue. We seem to have become a quarterly magazine, but most of the articles are not quite ready to be published yet. All the older articles are available in our archives. The big news is that our founder is getting into the Model Railroad business, see the 'Hobby Shop' page.

Articles we are working on:

-The Chief


Our purpose:
For those of you who enjoyed our premier issue of some time ago (nearly two years!), we will attempt to keep up the same quality of reporting and commentary on things that are important to your life here at the beginning of this Twentieth Century. Our purpose is to inform in a way no one else in the territory is doing, in the classic style of the ninteenth century you have come to expect from us, without ever taking ourselves, or our readers, too seriously.

This is a labor of love, none expect to profit from this endevor, so please, your comments and compliments are sought and greatly apreciated, please keep them gentle and meaningful. We want more than anything to keep our railroads running, so that is our main priority (well that along with one-hundred fifty thousand other things, but I digress...) so this newspaper may not always be updated in a timely fashon, but we are sure you have other things to do for entertainment, and if you don't may we suggest a hobby? We really could use some career track maintainers and manual weed removal experts!

Our motto is: "The news on time, within a century or so." That should explain the timely dates on this page.

Photo of the Week