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Idaho Narrow Gauge News


The new railroad ‘Idaho Southern and Pacific began tracklaying on October 23 with the installation of their new terminal and shop building off of Gary Lane in Boise.
This weeks work consisted of installing two panels of track and pouring concrete over it for the shop floor. It was designed to be strong enough to support a 5 foot wide fat child (or was that a 5" scale Big Boy?) with steel mesh reinforcement as never seen before in a railroad shop of this area.

Interviews with the concrete workers however, revealed that there may be some concerns for the solvency of this company as none had any idea of how long they would be employed. When the question of wages was breached, a low grunt is all that was heard as the crew devoured ground beef sandwiches.
The IS&P safety practices may also be suspect as one worker screamed for his life as he fell into wet concrete, only to be recovered later. In another incident one worker was seen to hit another on the head with a shovel while the concrete wagon driver laughed so much his gelatinous belly bounced! What kind of company is this. Will our fair city be ‘railroaded’ again?

The press was allowed a brief look at the plans for the structure. Designed to be a classic structure is it sure to please any passerby who may spy it. Construction on the building itself will begin within a week. No building department officials were present and there did not appear to be the appropriate homeowners assoc. architectural approval stamp on the plans, but we were assured that this was a minor oversight to be taken care of before the turn of the century and were escorted out of the conference center.


We of the press had the opportunity to meet the new ‘mascot’ of the IS&P by the strange name of ‘Pugsley’.

He is said to have had a prepared statement of his grievances with the company, but appeared silent with only a few whimpers as he sat on his tractor and glared at the audience. An unnamed source informed this reporter that Pugsley wanted to be the head engineer but was only chosen to be mascot. His chances of even riding in the cab were slim, this after the right-of-way of the new railroad was routed within inches of his home. The railroad did give him a new foundation to mitigate any noise and vibration from the trains to be passing by on a regular basis.

He also seemed rather perturbed at the length of his leash and felt there was excavation work he could be doing near the new shop location.
Shortly after our meeting he fell asleep in the sunshine, no doubt inebriated.


Some low cost competition has shown up very near the commencement ceremonies of the IS&P.

There didn’t seem to be any management around but in speaking to the workers on this new railroad line constructed of low cost materials (mostly wood) directly across the IS&P right-of-way, they noted that no actual planning had been done. ‘It just looked like fun’, they said. It may have had something to do with displeasure over engine driving rights as with the Mascot.

The worker ‘Ty' said the railroad name was ‘The Ty, Corbin, R.J. and Eric Railroad’ and no further information was given. This reporter is left wondering if the ‘R.J.’ could actually stand for the infamous R.J. Alexander, the railroad tycoon responsible for the several railroad conglomerates based out of nearby Emmett. Time will tell.

The scene of the confrontational railroad construction.
The blond fellow at center may be infamous Emmett Railroad Tycoon 'R.J. Alexander'