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Royal Celebrity Tours 1003

Royal Celebrity Tours 1003

Ft. Lupton, CO. Jan., 2002. Photo by Mike McGowen.

Type of Car: Twin Level Full-use Dome Coach
Coach: 80
Dining: 36
Length: 85 feet
Height: 18 feet, 1 inch
Weight: ?
Platform Size : Small
Kitchen/Galley: Yes
Lower Level Lounge: ?
Restrooms: 2
ADA Features: Lift, restroom
Built: 2002
Ran as: Royal Celebrity Tours (RCIX) 1003

Notes: The combined efforts of cruise lines Royal Carribean and Celebrity Cruises created Royal Celebrity Tours, the company which handles all of the Alaskan shore excursions for both companies. As a part of that mission, Royal Celebrity Tours introduced two ultradome-type cars in 2001 for their Wilderness Express service, then followed with a second order for two cars the following year. The cars were designed to be completely self contained, and feature a small observation platform, a kitchen, dining room, and of course the requesite top level seating.

Royal Celebrity sought to distinguish itself by creating the tallest domes that had been built to that date. Whereas previous domes for rival Princess Tours stood 17 feet, six inches tall, the Wilderness Express cars are 18 feet, one inch tall, with the difference split between the two floors.

The Wilderness Express cars are also luxuriously appointed with plush rotatable seating, and individual sound systems. Under their operating agreement with the Alaska Railroad, the Wilderness Express cars are the first cars behind the regular revenue cars on the ARR's train between Anchorage and Fairbanks. Trains typically feature one or two cars.

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