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Contents BELOW on this page:
A. Club Info
B. Club Videos

C. Photos of Club Events
D. Photos of Members' Layouts
E. Other Miscellaneous Photos

F. Links To Other Clubs & Repair People
G. Links To 'S' Ref Info
H. Club Archives
I. Misc 'S' Archives
J. Members' Web Pages

A. Club Info

  1. About & Bylaws
  2. New Members Message - Sent to new members upon being added to the members-only private Yahoo discussion group

    B. Club Videos

    QuickTime vs YouTube: The YouTube version is provided in case you cannot play the QuickTime version. You can get Quicktime Player for Windows free from Apple here.

  3. Video #1 - May 2007, Meet the Susquehanna S Gaugers

    This video introduces you to about 13 of the total 24 Susquehanna S Gaugers members. There is also a short demo of the Z-Stuff automatic crossing gate system by member Dave VanGilder. (Videotaped 5/6/07, 9 min)

    YouTube . . . . . . Quicktime

  4. Videos #2 & #3 - Layout Tours (photos shown in below "Photos of Members Layouts" section

    Layout #1, "Heavy Steam Division" (Videotaped 5/6/07, 8 min).

    YouTube . . . . . . Quicktime . . . . . . Photos


    Layout #3, "Christmas Fantasy" (Videotaped 2/17/08, 9 min)

    === Steam Up Videos ===

    Note there are some PHOTOS
    of the 2004 and 2006 Steam Ups below in Section "C. Photos of Club Events"

  5. Video #4 - 2008 Steam Up

    This YouTube video shows the Susquehanna S Gaugers 4th annual "Steam Up" held April 4 & 5, 2008. Members "challenged" several Northerns by hooking them to a 143-car train. Another member wired up a back-to-back pair of automatic reverse loops, with an automatic passing siding in one of the loops. There is also a demo of an automatic block controlling 2 trains on the same track, using a RR Concepts 'Switching Interface Module'.


  6. 2014 Steam Up: Vimeo | Photos
  7. 2015 Steam Up: Vimeo
  8. 2018 Steam Up: Youtube | Vimeo | Photos

    === Automatic Controls Videos ===

  9. Video #656 - Automatic Controls Demo by Mark Anderman, Williamsport Pa

    Videotaped 4/1/07, at Susquehanna S Gaugers Steamup by Chris Cooley and edited by Mark Anderman, this shows 3 trains running automatically on the same circle of track, using an automatic control system wired up by Dennis & Corvin Oberholtzer and Mark Anderman, using stock Gilbert pressure-activated track trips & semaphore. (6 min)

    YouTube . . . . . .Quicktime . . . . . .Anderman's Wiring Diagram

    Comments: We believe this system could probably be modified by removing the block in the mainline, and using just the 2 blocks in the sidings. The semaphore would control power to the sidings; i.e. at about 2/3 of the way around the loop, the train on the mainline would "release" one of the trains parked on the sidings, thus maintaining spacing between trains, but without using the 3rd block on the mainline. [===] This scheme is demonstrated in the largescale video "How It Works" (YouTube .Quicktime) which shows a similar arrangement in largescale.

  10. Video No. 658 description on the Video Page, has the links to the Automatic Block Demo from the 2008 Steam Up.
  11. Video No. 659 description on the Video Page, has the links to the video, photos, & wiring diagram, for the 2-track Automatic Passing Siding, that was operated at the Nov. 2008 Toy Train Expo.

  12. Additional S gauge videos are described in the webpage, Section F 'S Gauge Videos & Photos' section.

  13. Additional railroad videos -- are on the Track2 'Model Railroad Videos' page, including 2007 NASG Convention in Baltimore MD & 2008 NASG Convention in Lowell MA.

    C. Photos of Club Events

  14. Events

    Photos of Members
    (7 photos)

    Club Temporary Public Displays

    S Gauge Steamup 2004 -set up as many trains as possible in 2 days

    S Gauge Steamup 2006 -set up as many trains as possible in 2 days (added 5/19/07)

    Note: Older photos are on as linked in these two Sections C and D.
    . . . . . Newer photos are in Google Photos albums

    D. Photos of Members Layouts

  15. Layouts

    Heavy Steam Division
    Danville, Pa

    Curtin Canyon
    New 2009 layout
      // Old layout
    Milesburg area

    Christmas Fantasy
    Jersey Shore

    Pennsylvania Mainline

    Winter Wonderland

    The S And O

    Centre Highlands
    Centre Hall

    Nonmember Associate:
    #8-Jefferson Central
    in Hersey Pa
    (see also
    LVSG gallery)

    Penndot Central
    (perpetually under construction)
    #10-Loyalsock Lines
    (under construction)
    Williamsport, Pa


    #11-S Scale-PRR Midland Div
    (under construction)
    Lock Haven, Pa

    S ga Steam on the  mailbox, & misc Feb 2010 additional phot

  16. Most of these Layout links are also on the "S Gauge" section of the Photo Page (has local photos in all gauges)


    E. Other Miscellaneous Photos

  17. Photos of our business card holder (made by Mark Anderman, 2008)
  18. Photos of Steam Depot GE 44 Tonner Loco
  19. James Edwards S-gauge PCC Cars, custom-made in Philadelphia Pa in mid 90's
    Craig O'Connell's "S" Traction Supplies page is the most complete guide for S traction on the internet)

  20. Photos of the S-Helper Service Portable Display Layout
      There is a 5-minute VIDEO showing this layout operating at

  21. F. Links To Other Clubs & Repair People

  22. SSG List of Nearby S Gauge Clubs
  23. NASG List of Nationwide S Gauge Clubs
  24. Track2 RailNet - North Central Pa Model Railroad Info - Club Contacts. Repairs Photos

  25. NASG List of S Manfacturers

    G. - Links To S Gauge Reference Info

  26. "S-Trains" Yahoo Email Discussion Group, by Paul Yorke
  27., by Paul Yorke
  28. - National Association of S Gaugers
  29. S Scale Model Railroading Homepage, by Craig O'Connell
  30. O-Gauge Railroading Forum

    H. SSG Club Archives

  31. About SSG Handout (pdf)
  32. Officers' Tasks
  33. Previous Meeting Locations
  34. Old SSG Newsletters
  35. Old Quicken Treas. Recs
  36. Old Interest Form
  37. Letter to S-Helper Service, Requesting Smaller Radius Curves Nov 99

    I. Misc 'S' Archives

  38. Computer-Control S Ga DCC using QuickBasic & DOS, with NCE DCC & SHS SW9 w/Soundtrax decoder
  39. Custom-made Closed Frog S-Trax Switches

    J. Members' Web Pages

  40. Mark Anderman, AF parts -, photography
  41. Mark Benfer, Universal Primary Health Care Plan -
  42. Jim Ingram, Track2 Railnet NC Pa Rail Info -
  43. Bob Persing, reproduction Plasticville -
  44. Carey Probst, personal page -
  45. Steve Russell, Mobility Services,
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