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3 Bylaws | Susquehanna S Gaugers



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1. Overview of The Susq. S-Gaugers . . . . . . 2. Bylaws . . . . . . 3. History

1. Overview of The Susquehanna S-Gaugers

Mission Statement:

The Susquehanna S-Gaugers mission is to unite S gaugers in Central Pennsylvania, and promote all forms of S-Gauge model railroading.

Scope of Interest:

All variations of S gauge:

American Flyer (code 172)

Hi Rail (code 125 &148, usually large flanges & couplers (American Models, S Helper Service, etc))

Scale (code 125 & lower, small flanges & couplers)

Sn3 -- S scale narrow gauge.

Frequency Of Meetings

This started out to be approximately every 2 months, but is not about twice per year, due to manpower limitations. We do NOT meet in the summer months of June, July, and August.

Format Of Meetings

We usually have meetings on a "round robin" basis--that is, where people meet informally in each others' homes.

Typically we watch trains and informal chat from 2 pm to 3 pm, have a short business meeting from 3 pm to 3:30 or so, then more train watching and chat for those who wish to stay.


We use Listservers (Yahoo eGroups) to send announcements

Private Listserver - We use our "Private Listserver" to send out the host's name and address, but only to members, in the interest of privacy.

2. Bylaws (Informal)

We have by majority consensus, established the following INFORMAL bylaws

Dues -

We try to keep this affordable at $5 per year.

We currently collect for 3 years at a time to minimize collection headaches, with the agreement that members can be refunded their unused dues if they decide to unjoin the club.

Delinquent Dues

The treasurer notifies ONCE by telephone the member that they are delinquent.

The delinquent member is then dropped from the membership list if they do not send a check within 30 days. The purpose of this policy, is to reduce the amount of "follow-up grunt work" that the treasurer has to do. The Treasurer has the option of temporarily modifying this policy for his term of office.

Meeting Day - usually Sunday afternoon at 2 pm.

Meeting Frequency - As often as approximately every 2 months (depending on manpower), but probably not during the summer.

Notifying Members -

Our standard communication method is by email. We do not have the manpower to send out written newsletters.

We encourage members who don't use email, to take responsibility for getting meeting dates from a relative or friend who does use email.

A volunteer "telephone relay person" presently telephones those without email, but this is a poor way to communicate agendas and other written information.

Meeting RSVPs

Members are requested to RSVP, by using the Yahoo Group Listserver.  ((Even though more email "traffic" is created, members voted to see ALL the RSVPs -- for carpooling purposes.))  (added 9/22/09)

Officers - We now have a few semi-formal officers -- see the Tasks page for more details.

Other Policies

Guests - Guests can attend twice as a guest. Then they would be requested to become members.

Prospective Members - Prospective members are requested to attent 2 meetings as a guest.  (added 9/22/09)

Kids - Majority of people wanted to allow kids. Individual host would have final say.

Privacy - We announce the host's name and address to only the members.

Spouse Members - Any spouses of paid-up members who participate in meetings are also considered members.   These spouses need not pay any additional dues. (added 2/17/08)

Voting On New Members - There will be no voting on eligibility for admission for prospective new members.

Youth Members -- Persons under 18 years of age who participate in meetings, may be admitted as 'Youth Members', upon simple majority consent of the adult members present at the meeting.   These Youth members need not pay any dues until they reach age 18. (added 2/17/08)

3. History

Efforts to form the Susquehanna S Gaugers began about 1999, with busybody James Ingram, by collecting names from the TCA directory, the American Flyer Collectors Club directory, setting up S gauge displays at local train shows, and word of mouth.

In February 2000, the first meeting was held in Lewisburg. Since the about 28 meetings have been held, mostly in the North Central Pennsylvania region, with "excursions" to visit out of the area layouts in Scranton, Hershey, and Lancaster.

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