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Tasks Of Officers

A. Critical Tasks
B. Important Tasks
C. Desirable Tasks
D.Members Responsibilities

Our officers structure is designed so that we have officers dedicated to specific work tasks that MUST to be done in order to continue having meetings.

Following below is the "Work Breakdown Structure," listed in perceived order of importance.

A. Critical Tasks

1. Meeting Scheduler -- Position Open

Contacts hosts and sets up a meeting schedule for the coming year.

Emails this schedule to all members

Provides a set of directions to any new locations.

In event of a problem with snowy roads, this person sends an email over the [ssg] Listserver, announcing the meeting is either "on" or "off".

During meetings: If necessary, brings the meeting "to order" to conduct any necessary business.

2. Telephone Relay Person -- Mark Schwartz

Telephones people who don't use email, with any last minute meeting changes.

B. Important Tasks

3. Treasurer -- Bob Persing

Collects dues, pays bills.

Provide list of paid-up members to the membership chairman.

Maintain record of which members have paid for which years.

Provide delinquent members whose dues are overdue, with one phone call to remind them they need to pay within 30 days ($15 for 3 years) or be removed from the membership list.

Pay the S Gaugian "Clubs" ad, and keep information up to date.

4. Membership Chairman -- Position Open

Maintain list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of all members.

Optional -- Maintain history of locations we have met and which members attended. ((This will aid the Scheduler to schedule layouts we have visited least recently.))

Optional -- Provide sets of up to date mailing labels to the Newsletter Editor for optional snail-mailing the schedule in printed form.

Optional -- Make nametags for any new members.

C. Desirable Tasks

 5. Newsletter Editor -- Position Open

Produces printed copies of the meeting schedule.

Optional -- Snail-mail a printed copy of the schedule to each member at beginning of year.

6. Tape Librarian -- Tom Vaughn & Bill Lukens

Keep track of club CD's and videos, and other club media loaned to members.

7. Listserver Chairman -- Position Open

Oversees Listserver operation -- including verifying names are up to date, and harassing delinquent members to subscribe their new addresses when necessary.

Optional -- Update Listserver home page and footer periodically with any desirable updates.

8. Website Maintainance -- Jim Ingram

Update contact information, store maps to meeting locations (members only), instructions for subscribing & unsubscribing to Listserver.

I have tried to design the website so it can be relatively static -- with the "up to the minute" events being announced by using email. A more ambitious person could make it more dynamic, i.e. add photos from meetings, etc.

9. Map Creator -- Jim Ingram

Creates maps for meeting locations.

D. Members Responsibilities

Members are requested to do the following, in order to minimize the headaches the officers have to deal with.

1. Use their email, to check for last minute changes in meeting schedules.

Members who don't use their email, arrange for a nearby member with email to pass on any critical information. (This reduces headaches for the Telephone Relay Person (position #2 above) by having to telephone less people.))

2. Notify the membership chairman when their email or other address information changes.

3. Subscribe their new email address to the [ssg] Listserver, whenever their email address changes.

4. Pay their dues within 30 days of being notified by telephone that they are delinquent.

This page modified 12/04/2005 by James R. Ingram .