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Atchison Topeka Santa Fe
the Sante Fe Gallery

ATSF 999468
- Atchison RR Museum, Kansas 4/14/01 - T. Greuter Photo

ATSF 999575
- Atchison RR Museum, Kansas 4/14/01 - T. Greuter Photo

ATSF 999952
- Atchison RR Museum, Kansas 4/14/01 - T. Greuter Photo


Burlington Northern
the BN Motive Power l BN Freight, Cabooses & MoW Equipment

Rolling into the Past - An aging BN caboose passes the empty Hall switch tower (now demolished) at 1st and J Streets in Lincoln, Nebraska. - T. Greuter Photo

A grimy BN and switch engine caboose on a hot summer day at Lincoln Station. - T. Greuter Photo

BN caboose
- Brownsville, Nebraska; 2002- T. Greuter Photo ·

BN 10 - and a company car, Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo

BN #10142
- Yard caboose at Lincoln, Nebraska, August 1995 - T. Greuter Photo ·

BN 10410 - BN 10410 is ex-CB&Q 13544, at Atchison, KS. 4/14/01 - T. Greuter Photo

BN 10413 - formerly CB&Q 13544, showing extensive fire damage, waits to be transfered to the new hands of a private owner. Soon it will be restored to it's former CB&Q colors, as part of a restaurant in the Haymarket District of Lincoln, NE. - T. Greuter Photo

see CBQ cab further down this page for more.

BN 10767
- loco power and caboose pass nearby Hall Tower; Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

BN 10767 - Rolling into the past. An aging BN caboose passes the empty Hall switch tower (now demolished) at 1st and J Streets. - T. Greuter Photo

BN #12132
- a display caboose at the Nebraska State Fairgrounds. 2002; Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

BN #12132
- Inside display caboose. 2002; Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

BN 12270
- very nice cab shot from Red Oak, Iowa. Notice the Jordan Spreader in the background; 2/6/200 - Richard Wilson Photo/T. Greuter Collection ·

BN 12396
- Pool-service caboose at Lincoln, Nebraska, July 2001 - T. Greuter Photo ·

BN #12396
- at the Havelock Shops. 2002; Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

BN 12552
- seen between assignments at Lincoln, Nebraska, 2001 - T. Greuter Photo ·


BN 12552 - Yard cabooses are a common sight in the BN station yard at Lincoln, Nebraska. Bring a telephoto lens if you expect to shoot these beasties; 10/23/01 - T. Greuter Photo

BN 12552 & BNSF 3544
- on a late day caboose hop through Lincoln, Nebraska headed for the Havelock Shops yard, 2002 - T. Greuter Photo ·
BN 12618 - displayed during "Haymarket Heydays" at Lincoln, Nebraska; 6/17/95 - T. Greuter Photo

Chicago Burlington & Quincy
the CB&Q Gallery l #710 Gallery

CB&Q 13855
- is a nice dispalay Wooden caboose located at the old Rock Island Depot / RailsWest Museum in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 8/11/01 - T. Greuter Photo

CB&Q 13855
- Council Bluffs, Iowa - T. Greuter Photo ·

CB&Q 14581
- Wooden caboose and small push crane in Beatrice, Nebraska. 8/3/96 - T. Greuter Photo ·

CB&Q 14581
- Beatrice, Nebraska 8/3/96 - T. Greuter Photo ·

CB&Q 14581
- Beatrice, Nebraska 8/3/96 - T. Greuter Photo ·

CB&Q Caboose
- unknown number, at Plattesmouth, Nebraska, 2001 - T. Greuter Photo ·

CB&Q Caboose
- (formerly CB&Q 13544 / BN 10413) a vintage caboose is reborn at Lincoln, Nebraska as newer power in the form of BN's C30-7's look on. Newly repainted in authentic colors, she was shipped her on a flatcar in pretty sad shape, a victim of a fire. Her future looks brighter now. 1996 - T. Greuter Photo ·

CB&Q Caboose
- Same of above. Here the wheelsets were mated to the caboose body at it's new home ... a nearby eating establishment. 1996 - T. Greuter Photo ·


Chicago & Northwestern
the CNW Gallery

CNW Bay Window caboose #10399 - is seen in service on a San Antonio coal train in 1985. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

CNW 12566 - is ex-Rock Island #17022, now on permanent display at Boone, Iowa; September 8, 2001 - T. Greuter Photo

Chicago Rock Island & Pacific
the Rock Island Gallery

CRI&P 17051 - now operated by the Boone & Scenic Valley RR at Boone, Iowa, is coupled to a switch engine trailed by a string of authentic wood passenger cars behind. 9/8/01 - T. Greuter Photo

CRI&P 17130 - shines like new at the RailsWest Museum at Council Bluffs, Iowa, August 11, 2001. - T. Greuter Photo


Denver Rio Grande Western

DRGW 1501 - at Colorado Springs, Colorado. 4/14/02 - Nathan Holmes/RailArc Photo

DRGW 1505 - seen at Buffalo, Iowa. Date unknown - Nathan Holmes/RailArc Photo

DRGW 1513 - caboose seen with loco #3084 at Colorado Springs, Colorado. 9/26/00 - Nathan Holmes/RailArc Photo


DuPont Safety Train

DUPX 912C - an extended-vision caboose of the Dupont Safety train which trains emergency response teams for hazardous spills, was seen in Lincoln, NE on the 18th. The cab has features (far offset cupola, end lights and corner lights, and the later welded-over windows) characteristic of the type the MoP incorporated on it's EV, but has been confirmed by the company as not being of MP heritage. - T. Greuter Photo


Gold Coast


Gold Coast Railroad's Bicentennial caboose - was a former Atlantic Coast Line caboose, built in 1925. It is pictured in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in June 1976. - Mary Jane Rowe photo/Jay Glenewinkel postcard collection



LORAM caboose - a track MOW train on the BN at Lincoln, Nebraska; 1/9/96 - T. Greuter Photo

Missouri Kansas Texas
the M-K-T Gallery

Missouri-Kansas-Texas Caboose #76 - MKT caboose #137 and bicentennial #76 at Eureka Yd Houston; Dec. 1976 - Gary Morris Photo

MKT 109 - at Oswego, Kansas - © Craig Meador photo

MKT 115 - Denison, Texas; 11/11/01 - © T. Greuter photo

MKT 141 - Denison, Texas; 11/11/01 - © T. Greuter photo

MKT Caboose #212 - on display in Wichita Falls, TX - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MKT 1024 - Denison, Texas; 11/11/01 - © T. Greuter photo

MKT Cab - located just up the highway from Wagoner, Oklahoma is reported to be an ex-MP caboose #13540 painted in fake M-K-T scheme. The car is parked beside the old Wagoner M-K-T depot which has been renovated into a restaurant; 11/11/01 - © T. Greuter photo


Missouri Pacific
the MoPac Gallery I more at Screaming Eagles - MoPac Cabooses

MP 12124 - stands guard near the grain silos alongside the former MP mainline to Omaha from Kansas City. The Lincoln Branch took a sharp lefthand turn from here as the MoPac set it's sites westward. Union, Nebraska; 5/10/97 - T. Greuter Photo
MP 12136 - like 12124 is a former Texas Pacific built caboose. It was rebuilt by the MoPac in 11/65. Talmage, Nebraska; 7/4/00 - T. Greuter Photo

MP 13309 sits on display near the I-80 exit west of Papillion, Nebraska, being the only thing left besides a memory of the railroad's prescence here. The caboose lays along the Louisville division, running southwest from Omaha to Weeping Water. 6/14/97 - T. Greuter Photo

MP 13495 - is an ex-C&EI streamline cupola caboose (the original cupola was replaced by a standard MP-type), built by C&EI '50. #13495 was one of the few from this group that survived long enough to wear the final eagle/buzzsaw scheme. It is seen here at Wichita, Kansas; 11/8/01 - T. Greuter Photo

MP 13569 - built in February 1972, it proudly proclaims the town's rail heritage at the Atchison, Kansas R.R. Museum, near the Santa Fe Depot. 4/14/01 - T. Greuter Photo

MP 13615 - built in November of 1973, is the second of two EV's displayed at the Atchison, Kansas R.R. Museum. The stenciling at the bottom left says "Rear End Only" - seems like an obvious location for a caboose to me <grin> 4/14/01 - T. Greuter photo

MP 13689 - at Rich Hill, Missouri; 11/12/01 - T. Greuter photo

MP 13731 - at Denison, Texas; 11/11/01 - T. Greuter photo

MP 7504 - still working for a living in MofW service on the UP. The former MP 13823 was rebuilt by UP in May 1995 and put into MofW service the following month. This shorty was spotted in the Council Bluffs, Iowa yard paired with a MP flat w/crane car on August 11, 2001 - T. Greuter Photo


Omaha Lincoln & Beatrice
the OL&B Gallery

OL&B caboose - for a time in the late '90s this unmarked waycar was seen used in the rail company's freightyard at Lincoln, Nebraska. - T. Greuter Photo

St. Louis-San Francisco


The ST. Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) Railway - painted a caboose featuring the Great Seal of the United States. - St. Louis San Francisco Railway photo/Jay Glenewinkel postcard collection


Southern Pacific
the SP Gallery

Willamatte & Pacific caboose #1 - is a former Missouri Pacific caboose. Original MP number not known. It is seen at Union Station in Portland, Oregon in 1997. - Steve Schuman Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

Union Pacific
the UP Gallery

UP 24552 - the caboose waits for it's train on the old MoPac rails. It will lead a dozen or more grain hoppers as the two locos push from behind into the UP's rail yard at Lincoln, Nebraska; 8/3/95 - T. Greuter Photo

UP 24552 - bay window caboose waits on the old MoPac Union-Lincoln line for a pair of GP38-2's to pick up grain hoppers from a nearby elevator. The location is on the university campus at Lincoln, Nebraska 8/3/95 - T. Greuter Photo ·


UP 24552 - leads a train of grain cars as the loco's push along the old MoPac rails into the UP's yard at Lincoln, Nebraska; 8/3/95. This scene is long gone, both the track, the caboose and UP's operations from Lincoln are gone. - T. Greuter Photo

UP 24552 - seen from the "O" Street overpass. Today, with no place to go, it sits forgotten in the UP yard, Lincoln, Nebraska. In a very short time it and the UP freight yard will all be just a memory. 5/12/01 - T. Greuter Photo

UP 25506 - cab and NCRC 4205 at the UP's Grand Island, NE yard; 9/3/97 - T. Greuter Photo

UP 25747
- Lincoln, Nebraska; 2001 - T. Greuter Photo ·
UP 25892 - a CA-11 class caboose at Council Bluffs, Iowa, 8/11/01 - T. Greuter Photo

UP 2580 - at Stuhr Museum, Grand Island, NE. June 30, 2001 - T. Greuter Photo

UP 2580 - interior view. June 30, 2001 - T. Greuter Photo

Western Pacific
the WP Gallery

Western Pacific Caboose #459 - is in UP dress and sublettered for the WP. It is seen in West, Texas (yes the town) in 1985. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

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