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SCL Uceta GP16 Builders Plates

GP16 Uceta Rebuild Plates


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Compiled 1988 (revised 2/23/14 )



SCL Rebuild Serial numbers and Builders Plates

When SCL rebuilt the GP7’s, GP9’s and the two GP18’s into a GP16, they were assigned a new serial number. The GP16 serial number was a 5 digit number followed by a 3 digit suffix number. One can speculate that the suffix number simply refers to the corresponding unit completed. The first one rebuilt would have a suffix of 001 and so on. I haven’t found any published information on the serial numbers. However, a common error is to believe that the 5 digit numbers are original EMD serial numbers. Instead, these numbers are more likely SCL job or project numbers. The 5 digit serial number seems to change each year. So all GP16's rebuilt or scheduled to be rebuilt in 1979 would share the same 5 digit number of 21460. While all units scheduled to be rebuilt in 1980 would have a 5 digit number of 21628. See below.


There are at least 3 different serial numbers on SCL rebuilds.

I don’t think any GP16’s rebuilt in 1982 received rebuild plates. Thus, for now the serial number for 1982 is unknown.



Which GP16’s had builder’s plates?

GP16’s rebuilt in 1979, 1980 and up until June of 1981 had plates. It us unconfirmed if all rebuilds out shopped during this time actually received the GP16 builders plates. It appears that the plates were attached to the units after they were already in service. I have seen many photos of a fresh GP16 in service sans a builders plate. Then only to see a later shot of the same unit with a plate. Some examples are 4707 & 4749.

The highest suffix number I have seen is -086 which was on GA 4975. This unit was rebuilt in 6-1981

It is my intent to provide accurate info here. So if you see any errors please let me know. If you have any information you would like to share about the builders plates or the serial numbers you can email me, David Moore, at



GP16 Serial numbers

Serial number source for CRR 4608 to CRR 4613: “Clinchfield Country” page 125 & 126 by Steve King


Info came from an eBay auction in May 2002. “VERY UNIQUE!!! SCL/LN #1724. Rebuilt by SCL RR Tampa Florida,10-1980,Serial No. 21628-050.Sign made of stainless steel with SCL gray paint. Measures approximately 6"X18". Very GOOD condition.Weighs over 1 lbs.” opening bid is 50.00


Rebuild serial number source: Back in the early 1990’s I bought a GP16 builders plate from a show in Jacksonville Fla. On the back was written SCL 4704.
Additionally, in February 2007 I saw a second GP16 plate with the same serial number and written on the back was the same info. While all this info doesn't really confirm these plates came from SCL 4704 I feel safe that the info is correct. It fits the correct time frame.


Rebuild serial number source: info came from right side builders plate affixed to CSX 1754 verified 10/14/1990 Baldwin Fla. rebuilt 1-1980. Although the plate info read Jan 1980 the roster listed the 4708 as being rebuilt in Dec. 1979. Relevance here is the serial number 21460 with a 1980 rebuild date. I believe that all rebuilds in 1979 had a serial of 21460 while all rebuilds in 1980 had a 21628 serial. Additionally, I believe the conversion on 4708 begun in 1979 therefore it received a 21460 serial for its serial number.


Rebuild serial number provided by Kevin Wood. Thank you Kevin for identifying the serial number for SCL 4720. Additionally, Kevin pointed out that the builders plate for the SCL 4720 listed a rebuild date of 6-1980. The company roster listed the rebuild date of 5-1980. The variance of rebuild dates has been noted on other GP16's as well.


Rebuild serial number source: Diesel Era Vol 5 number 4 July/August 1994.


Rebuild serial number source: info came from builders plate verified 10/28/1990 on CSX 1781 in Baldwin Fla. Paint info: PTD A WX 10-80 Imron Gray. SCL Roster shows 4735 rebuilt 10-1980 but Rebuild builders plate lists 11-1980 as date rebuilt. As of 11/18/1990 unit still had both rebuild plates.


Rebuild serial number source: info came from left side builders plate verified 7/21/1990 and 7/22/1990 on CSX 1786 in Baldwin Fla. Rebuild plate has 12/1980 as rebuild date.

rebuild serial number source: info came from builders plate affixed to CSX 1790 verified 9/03/1989 in Newberry Fla. Unit only had the right side rebuild plate which was mounted near the back unlike other GP16’s which carry their plate in almost the same location as EMD plates.


Rebuild serial number source: info came from builders plate affixed to left side of CSX 1792 verified 7/15/1990 in Baldwin Fla. built 1-81. I saw the 1792 in Waycross GA on 12/15/1990 and the left plate was missing. Roster lists 4746 as being rebuilt in Dec 1980, but builders plate lists January 1981. Like the SCL 4708, I believe the rebuilding work began on the 4746 in December 1980 but out shopped in January 1981.


Rebuild serial number source: info came from builders plate affixed to CSX 1795 verified 12/30/1989 in Baldwin Fla. As of 1/15/1990 CSX 1795 still had both rebuild plates attached. Wildwood Fla.

Rebuild serial number source: info came from builders plate affixed to CSX 1799 verified 09/08/1990 in Baldwin Fla.


Info came from an eBay auction ending 6/05/2001. Plate sold for $94.45. Listing included a photo of the plate. Date rebuilt was listed as 4/1981. Auction listed plate came from SCL 4757 and later became CSX 1803

Rebuild serial number source: right side builders plate affixed to CSX 1856. Serial number verified on 4/30/1989 in Wildwood Fla.


Unconfirmed SCL Rebuild Serial numbers