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Sav Amtrak and our intercity passenger trains.  
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This web site is not an official Amtrak web site. It is not managed owned or paid for by Amtrak.  If your looking for the official Amtrak web site click  this link or you may call toll free at 1-800-USA-RAIL or go to any manned Amtrak station or to your travel agent. 

This site provides e-mail and web links to U.S. government officials.  It's purpose is to solicit support to save our trains and 
intercity rail passenger service in The United States.
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   Don't let Mr. Bush or anyone else rip the rail's from under Amtrak. 
People from all over the country are coming together to help save Amtrak! 

        Urge Your Lawmakers to Support Amtrak! 
Thank you!
Looking at this web site will not save Amtrak and our long distance national rail network.
Be sure too send e-mail from this web site to have your voice heard and vote counted. Remember 9/11
"Let's Roll" 
   contact the President, Congress and your State Governor. Save your train and our national rail system.
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             I support a great national debate on Amtrak's future! 
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       Trains with Sleeping Cars Amtrak National Network:
                                              Current Amtrak System Map from NARP
The (16) trains  below are the only trains in the entire Amtrak system that have sleeping cars. They are all long distance trains: 
.Southwest Chief-Chicago-Kansas City-Topeka-Albuquerque-Flagstaff-Los Angeles.
.California Zephyr-Chicago-Omaha-Denver-Glenwood Springs- Salt Lake City-Reno-Emeryville/San Francisco.
.Silver Meteor .Silver Star-New York-Washington-Richmond-Jacksonville-Orlando-Tampa-Miami.
.Empire Builder-Seattle-Portland-Spokane-Sandpoint-Minot-St.Paul-Minneapolis-La Crosse-Chicago.
.Sunset Limited-Los Angeles-Tucson-El Paso-San Antonio-Houston-New Orleans-Gulf Port-Tallahassee-Orlando.
.Crescent-New Orleans-Birmingham-Atlanta-Greenville-Charlotte- Greensboro-Lynchburg-Washington-New York City.
.Cardinal/Kentucky Cardinal-Chicago-Indianapolis-Louisville-Cincinnati-White Sulphur Springs-Washington.
.Coast Starlight-Seattle-Portland-Salem-Sacramento--Oakland-San Francisco-San Jose-Santa Barbara-Los Angeles.
.Texas Eagle-Chicago-Joliet-Springfield-St.Louis-Little Rock-Dallas-Fort Worth-Temple-Austin-San Antonio.
.City of New Orleans-Chicago-Carbondale-Fulton-Memphis-Yazoo City-Jackson-McComb-New Orleans.
.Lake Shore Limited- Boston/New York -Albany- Syracuse-Buffalo-Depew-Erie-Cleveland-Toledo-Chicago.
.Capitol Limited-Chicago-South Bend-Toledo-Cleveland-Pittsburgh-Cumberland-Harpers Ferry-Rockville-Washington. 
.Three Rivers-New York City-Philadelphia-Ardmore-Harrisburg-Johnstown-Pittsburgh-Cleveland-Toledo-Chicago.
.Auto Train-Lorton -Sanford 
.Twilight Shoreliner-Boston-Washington-Newport News.

 All  coach train facing abolishment:
.Pennsylvanian-New York-Philadelphia-Harrisburg-Altoona-Johnstown-Pittsburgh-Chicago.
.Palmentto-Tampa-Miami-West Palm Beach-Savannah-Charleston-Rocky Mount-Richmond-Bailtimore-New York.

All service in the Northeast also facing abolishment:
.Acela-New York-Washington Boston.                      All State supported trains: 

Any shutdown would involve the whole system  not just the long-distance trains but "all of them."

How may I help to save Amtrak?
By being a customer and or by contacting your elected government officials by e-mail, snail mail or phone.
What do I say?
Suggest -Maintaining a strong viable national intercity rail system in the United States. Keeping Amtrak and the national system intact. You want Amtrak to stay in business and grow the business in all markets both long and short haul.  Money for more passenger trains, engines,sleepers, lounges diners, coaches. You do not want to see any long distance trains cut or employees lose their jobs.  Please include your name and home address in the e-mail or letter. 
                                    Send e-mail save Amtrak and our long distance train routes
SEND  E-MAIL NOW!........Save Amtrak......Thank You!

President of the United States
President Mr. G.W. Bush It's very important to e-mail, write a letter, fax or call the President now! Let  President Bush know, you support full funding to maintain Amtrak and our national rail system. 

Don't let Mr. Bush or anyone else rip the rail's from under Amtrak. 

George W. Bush 43rd President of The United States of America.
White House E-Mail Address:
Send e-mail-Save Amtrak
Mailing Address
President Mr.George W.Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
The White House Phone Numbers 
Web Site:

Vice President of the United States 
Mr. Dick Cheney Vice President
Richard B.Cheney Vice President of The United States of America.
Don't let Mr. Bush or anyone else rip the rail's from under Amtrak. 
White House E-Mail Address:
Send e-mail-Save Amtrak

Please ASK YOUR Senator to Support Bill  S.-1991 The National Defense Rail Act  by Sen. Fritz Hollings (SC). 
Quote below is from Sen. Hollings web site:
Hollings' Perspective: Sen. Hollings believes that the U.S. must have a larger vision for a national passenger rail system, and that it must be a national priority that Congress consistently invests in over the long term for both national and economic security.
Connect With Your Senators:
Send e-mail-Save Amtrak
Don't let Mr. Bush or anyone else rip the rail's from under Amtrak.

Write Your Representative:
Send e-mail-Save Amtrak
Don't let Mr. Bush or anyone else rip the rail's from under Amtrak. 

Contact Your State Governor:
Send e-mail-Save Amtrak
The link below will will supply your State's Governor web site. Visit your Governor's web site and follow instructions how to contact him or her by E-mail, U.S.mail or phone.,1169,CGOVWEB,00.html
Don't let Mr. Bush or anyone else rip the rail's from under Amtrak. 

The most anti-long haul train Senator on the hill in my opinion.
Don't let Mr. Bush or anyone else rip the rail's from under Amtrak. 
E -Mail U.S. Senator John McCain:
Send e-mail-Save Amtrak
Write Senator John McCain                  Call Senator John McCain
Senator John McCain                                Phone # (202) 224-2235
241 Russell Senate Ofc. Bldg.                    Fax # (202) 228-2862
United States Senate                                 TDD #(202) 224-7132 
Washington, D.C. 20510 
Web Site:
Rep.John Mica
Rep. John Mica Florida
Anti-Amtrak!  No National Rail System!
Don't let Mr. Bush or anyone else rip the rail's from under Amtrak. 
Send e-mail-Save Amtrak
E-mail link:
Rep. John Mica 

Write Rep. John Mica                                      Call Rep.John Mica 
2445 Rayburn House Office Building                    Phone#  (202) 225-4035
Washington, D.C. 20515                                      Fax   (202) 226-0821

Web Site:

Non-Elected Government Agency:
U.S. Secretary of Transportation-None elected government official appointed by President GeorgeW.Bush.
Norman Y. Mineta-Secertary of Transportation

Norman Y. Mineta-Secertary of Transportation
Don't let Mr. Bush or anyone else rip the rail's from under Amtrak. 
Mailing address:
U.S.Department of Transportation
400 Seventh Street Southwest
Phone Information DOT: 202-366-4000 

U.S.Secretary of transportation:
E-mail address:WebSite:
Send e-mail-Save Amtrak 
State Supported Trains In Trouble

Missouri-Ann Rutledge and St.Louis Mule/Kansas City Mule.

Send e-mails to elected government officials FIRST then to non elected officials.

Dan Monaghan "Save Amtrak" Rail Advocate
Your invited to read my commentary.
more A resource that must be kept intact for its inherent ability to move freight and passengers affordably, efficiently, and at reasonable speeds.More
Last up date June 24, 2002
Commentary - Bob Webster, EditorSaving Amtrak"During the first 26 years of Amtrak's existence, only $22 billion has been spent by Congress on Amtrak. Yet, in   FY2001 alone the budget for the Federal Highway Administration is a whopping $27.5 billion!
Amtrak Reform Council:
There mission has been accomplished.  They have submitted there failed plan known as the final report to Congress. Soon they will be disbanded as prescribed by law. 
Read Amtrak Reform Council Plan The Final Report 
National Rail Passenger Corp
web site:
The People Speak Read Comments:
I want to post your comments on this web site too concerning Amtrak and our national system.
e-mail them to The People Speak| Read comments:The People Speak
Please keep all commentary short and to the point.  Be sure to send e-mail save Amtrak.Last up dated 7-2-02
Check out our crew ten web site. 
Then come back to this site and help save this train.  It is on the endangered species list, ALL trains are! 
Trip photos and more from Amtrak's Southwest Chief, Crew Ten. Crew Ten is the only Amtrak on-board service crew on the world wide web.

FREE OFFER From crew ten::
Southwest Chief Collectors Route Guide for U S A ONLY:  and are not official Amtrak web sites:

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The Pioneer|Desert Wind
    Current Amtrak System Map from NARP | John Longencker Save Amtrak Directory
Save Amtrak Flyer print and display  help spread the word save Amtrak and our long distance rail passenger network.

                                                  Thank You for your support!
                      All Amtrak employees MUST register to vote and send e-mail to save Amtrak!