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           SAVE AMTRAK!         SAVE AMTRAK!
The following trains may not operate after Sept 30,2002 unless Amtrak is given funding to operate them from the Federal Government.   Amtrak is seeking 1.2 Billion dollars. 
.Southwest Chief-Chicago-Kansas City-Topeka-Albuquerque-Flagstaff-Los Angeles. 
.California Zephyr-Chicago-Omaha-Denver-Glenwood Springs- Salt Lake City-Reno-Emeryville/San Francisco. 
.Silver Meteor .Silver Palm .Silver Star-New York-Washington-Richmond-Jacksonville-Orlando-Tampa-Miami. 
.Empire Builder-Seattle-Portland-Spokane-Sandpoint-Minot-St.Paul-Minneapolis-La Crosse-Chicago. 
.Sunset Limited-Los Angeles-Tucson-El Paso-San Antonio-Houston-New Orleans-Gulf Port-Tallahassee-Orlando. 
.Crescent-New Orleans-Birmingham-Atlanta-Greenville-Charlotte- Greensboro-Lynchburg-Washington-New York City.
.Cardinal/Kentucky Cardinal-Chicago-Indianapolis-Louisville-Cincinnati-White Sulphur Springs-Washington. 
.Coast Starlight-Seattle-Portland-Salem-Sacramento--Oakland-San Francisco-San Jose-Santa Barbara-Los Angeles. 
.Texas Eagle-Chicago-Joliet-Springfield-St.Louis-Little Rock-Dallas-Fort Worth-Temple-Austin-San Antonio. 
.City of New Orleans-Chicago-Carbondale-Fulton-Memphis-Yazoo City-Jackson-McComb-New Orleans. 
.Lake Shore Limited- Boston/New York -Albany- Syracuse-Buffalo-Depew-Erie-Cleveland-Toledo-Chicago. 
.Capitol Limited-Chicago-South Bend-Toledo-Cleveland-Pittsburgh-Cumberland-Harpers Ferry-Rockville-Washington. 
.Three Rivers-New York City-Philadelphia-Ardmore-Harrisburg-Johnstown-Pittsburgh-Cleveland-Toledo-Chicago. 
.Twilight Shoreliner-Boston-Washington-Newport News. 
.Pennsylvanian-New York-Philadelphia-Harrisburg-Altoona-Johnstown-Pittsburgh-Chicago. 
What can I do to help save Amtrak an our long distance trains?
On the internet go to the SAVE AMTRAK web site.

The Save Amtrak web site provides e-mail links  which will enable you to send e-mail to Save Amtrak and our national long distance passenger rail network. The Save Amtrak web site also provides mailing and telephone numbers.   It is important to contact your elected Government officials and let them know you support Amtrak our national long distance passenger train network. 

What should I say in my e-mail, letter or phone call?
Advise Congress and the President, you support keeping a national long distance train network and support continued funding of our  national rail passenger network.  Let them know Amtrak national rail  passenger network is a vital part of our county past present and future. You want Amtrak and our long distance trains to survive and grow.

                                                                     Thank You for your support!