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State Supported Trains  

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                                       State Supported Trains
                                    Heartland Flyer Fate to be decided soon. 
                                                                Oklahoma Residents 
                        Please contact Sen. Stratton Taylor ask to  support House Bill 2360 in full.
                                                                Senate President Pro Tempore
                                                                2300 N Lincoln, Blvd Rm 422
                                                                Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4808
                                                                (405) 521-5555 
               Link to the  advocacy organization in the OK State 
                                        Link  to the Heartland Flyer

This is why we need a dedicated source of Federal funding for Amtrak to run our National Rail Passenger system.  If  a State runs out of funds or no longer wants to support it's train's the train will no longer run. This is also why the Amtrak Reform Council plan is flawed to many operators.

                                   State Supported Trains
                                                               Missouri Residents 
                     Ann Rutledge and St.Louis Mule/Kansas City Mule fate to be decided too.
Your two state supported trains are also in trouble due to tight budgets.  If you live in the show me state write your Governor, state senate and house. Let them know you support keeping your state's trains operating. 
                                                 Link to advocacy organization in MO&KS 

State supported trains are important to Amtrak. As operator of the state (403b) contracted trains Amtrak generates revenue.  Connections to other points in the Amtrak system are made using these trains.
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