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My comments
I have written my representatives this is what I sent to them:
I am writing to you in support of Amtrak. I believe that keeping a national long distance train network and supporting its continued funding is vital to our survival as an industrialized nation.  The actions on September 11th proved the need for more than one means of long distance transportation.  Amtrak allowed many of those stranded by the grounding of our airlines to return home safely. The Amtrak national rail passenger network is a vital part of our countryís past present and future. I want Amtrak and our long distance trains to survive and grow. Amtrak provides low cost long distance transportation to those people who cannot afford to fly on the airlines.  Please support Amtrakís needs just as the needs of the airlines were supported post 9-11.  Please donít put all our eggs in one basket, we need Amtrak.

Rail the only civilized means of travel.

Out here in Amarillo 
Hi - Love the site. I work for an electric power company, but spend a lot of time promoting Amtrak. I've written in the Amarillo Globe-News about my support for Amtrak. We don't have service here, but are whipping  up support for a possible link from Fort Worth to Denver if Congress will ever get serious about building Amtrak into the organization it needs to be. 
Wes Added July 2,2002

50 Years Of Neglect, Payback Time Is Here 
After one-half of a century of little or no funding to rail passenger services it is time to invest in this mode of transport.  Had there been a national rail passenger service program in the 1950's like the highway program and Federal Aviation Administration we would not be discussing Amtrak funding now.  We would have a permanent rail passenger network.  Amtrak has preformed tremendously providing rail service while having nearly no funds compared to other modes.  Our elected representatives must now pay for 50 years of neglect.  They must invest significantly in rail passenger service as a national system.  The time is now, and it must be funded heavily to upgrade Amtrak.  We can not accept the annual fight to keep five-hundred million dollars to operate a fragile Amtrak network, we must fight to see a permanent program with adequate funding.  The Senator Hollings' S.1991 should be what we need. Something must be done on a large scale for rail passenger service.  Please repeatedly contact all of your representatives and demand no less than full funding for Amtrak and investment in a true national rail network.  Your calls, letters, and emails really do make a difference. 
Scott A. C
Cleveland, Ohio
member, N.A.R.P. Added July 2,2002

Don't go the same way as Great Britain did 
The US Government's plan to privatize Amtrak seems totally ridiculous seeing as that's what ruined the railways of Great Britain.  Doesn't anyone know what happened to us?  British Rail was privatized in 1994 into 25 Train Operating Companies and 1 infrastructure maintainer.  Absolute lunacy, seeing as we're such a small island.

The New York Times has been known to give incorrect information regarding the allegedly 'successful' privatization of British Rail.  They said 'Agressive private operators in Britain have driven down fares and offered hundreds of special promotions.'  That couldn't be further from the truth.  Fares have gone up by at least 10% on all services.  As well as that, 3 accidents caused by faulty rails or signals have caused at least 100 deaths since 1997.

Please write back to me, telling me whether I can use the site to display all of this information.  If you allow me, I'll write a full report enforcing the idea that Amtrak should remain public, by backing it up with evidence that privatization is a con and doesn't work.

Many thanks,
Alan D. Added July 1,2002

Fund Amtrak fully !!! 
I want to say, if amtrak doesnot get funding fully, we have more serious accidents like one florida, because amtrak doesnot have money to repair their equipemnt properly will cause them to not fix , am sorry but have to say this,we must not have people lives affected by this florida with Amtrak,after 9/11 not all people are ready to fly, am person who loves Amtrak, like
to see it grow and etc, it will cost to much to shut it down, where you store, the egiupment, the people out of work, and etc, like to ask we can fund airports, but why cannot fund amtrak.What more can be said, i support total funding for Amtrak, we need good people run amtrak, who knows passenger business,we must work together.
Thanks Marc!!!, Added July1,02

Saving Amtrak is a national priority!  To abolish it would be destroy any hope of establishing a viable American intercity rail system.
David P
Winnetka, Il 60093 added 4/11/02
I have just sent off a string of e-mails to your government and officials in the vain hope it will have some effect... this is the gist of what I wrote :-

I am a British Citizen who had never visited your land before last year.  I was given a gift of a rail pass and came over.  What a wonderful time I had on the Amtrak trains the Southwest Chief, The Pacific Surfliner, The Coast Starlight Limited and the California Zephyr. 
I had Fifteen days of dramatic scenery wonderful trains and unforgettable conversations.  Having not been very well disposed toward the USA before my trip I was instantly changed from being anti American to being PRO AMERICAN!
Now I discover that some fool in your government is wanting your trains to make profits!  Don't your officials know that there are NO profit making passenger rail systems in the WORLD?  Like your airlines your passenger trains NEED governmental support. 
In my case I was given the most wonderful introduction to your wonderful country and people through your passenger train system of long distance sleeper trains.  I am not alone.  Each year thousands like me are impressed like I was.  Cut these services and you will loose even more good will and support from around the globe. 
PLEASE do not be part of the system that goes down in history as the ill-advised fools who destroyed not only the passenger railways of a whole continent but also who sabotaged such a valuable way of winning overseas tourists and more importantly FRIENDS.  And your country NEEDS friends now !
In deep concern I remain your nations new friend

I am strongly urging all my friends both American an non American to e-mail and lobby on this vita issue. 
As A non-American I see it as a vital link in your much needed propaganda war against the lies that many people put out about your land.  There is no better way to see America than by Amtrak and no better way to have long personal conversations with Americans that reveal what your people are TRULY like as people than by travelling on Long Distance Amtrak trains.  Busses and aircraft restrict you to one person who sits with you {Or non if you travel with a friend}  But on a train you eat and relax with many different people and thus build up a much more representational view of the people of America.
The  TV and film screens of the world are full of Americans gunning down others, murdering others, blowing up others and declaring war on others.   Or worse they show us idiots and crass fools in unrealistic sit-com shows, then the Islamic fundamentalists pump out their anti-American lies and the Anti-Capitalists and Anarchists pump out their propaganda as well... 
Your country MUST start to let non Americans meet real AMERICANS. Not the fakes on films and tv shows.  YOU must START TO LET THE WORLD MEET THE REAL you... OR YOU WILL END UP HATED AND ATTACKED BY ALL. 
Your National Passenger rail system is the BEST system I know of and could possibly imagine to accomplish this {Personally I think the Southwest Chief is the best of the best in this regard} scrap it and I genuinely feel you'll loose an incalculable advantage in this struggle for civilisation!

Please do all you can to lobby your elected agents and officials....
P J M {Whitby , England in the United Kingdom} added  4-11-02

"On Thurs April 4,2002 Amtrak is scheduled to announce abolishment of all 18 long distance train routes effective Oct. 1,2002. The United States of America the richest and most powerful country on the earth will no longer  have a national long distance passenger rail network." 

Well, what is the  source of this information?  I didn't know that decision has been already made and that trains are already running their last months.  If so, why  write to President and Congress?  Isn't it too late?  I doubt that it's true.  First, the notices were supposed to be issued last week and they  weren't.  Second, NARP urged Amtrak's Board not to issue the notices. 
Third, even if notices are sent (which Amtrak indeed has been considering to  do this week), they are neither final decision, nor death sentense for  trains; they don't in any way require Amtrak to stop trains, they just give it a right to do so if adequate funding are not provided.  Meanwhile, the    S.1991 - a pro-Amtrak bill in Senate - has now 28 cosponsors!  Amtrak, at 
the same time, has added a business class service to its Silver Star train (something it wouldn't probably do out of common sense if it indeed determined to shut these trains down). 

So what are we going to do?  Sit down and mourn still-running trains?  Or rather defend these trains by a) writing/talking to politicians on all levels, particularly asking Congress and Administration to support the S.1991, as well as $1.2 billion appropriation for Amtrak for next year  (already proposed in the Senate), b) distributing NARP's leaflet (found at to as many people as possible, the best way to do it is to give about 50 or 100 or more leaflets to a conductor/attendant of 
any long-distance train departing from your station, kindly ask the conductor to distribute the leaflets among passengers.  Train staff members probably have some idea of what is going on, so they'll probably do it with pleasure.  c) If you plan to travel within the continental U.S., choose Amtrak as the best way to go... And let's hope this trip won't be the last one.  I don't think that those outstanding legislators who support Amtrak would easily let the U.S. become the first trainless country.  It's pretty unlikely.  They didn't let trains stop in 1971, neither they did so during  Reagan's administration, they also didn't do so in 1997.  Common sense shows the unlikeliness for this now as well. 
added 4/11/02
Amtrak employess are not allowed to distribute leaflets to customers.  Amtrak is not allowed self-help.
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We must preserve our passenger rail system 
I grew up in Wilmington, DE and relied on the Metroliner for private school (Lawrenceville, NY via Trenton) and college (NYU, New York) and now, in Los Angeles, have used the Coastliner (fomerly the San Diegan) and even Train/Plane LA/SF/LA, which was a beautiful trip.

Now, on May 3, I finally am taking the time to travel back home from LA to Wilmington DE by train via the Southwest Chief, and was planning a morning ride out of Chicago on the Three Rivers to Pittsburgh, and on to Philly/Wilmington.  My Southwest Chief tickets were brought, but when my travel agent contacted Amtrak to order my Chicago/Wilmington/Chicago leg, my train had been cancelled.  Instead of beautiful views of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, I have to leave Chicago at night!

We must have an alternative to planes and cars.  I love to drive and have driven all over the U.S., but with airports and planes the way things are after 9/11, I'd rather spend a more time getting there and sit back and relax on the rails.

I have written my representatives (Boxer--got a wonderful supportive response from Boxer--, Feinstein), Governor Davis, and the President, and anyone else I should write to, just let me know!  I don't want all my hard-earned tax dollars going to United and company.  There's room for this wonderful alternative to the "friendly" skies.  With all the Amtrak developments in tandem with state goverment and local business, Amtrak can work with some decent support.

Go Amtrak!
added 4/11/02

The members of Unit 70, NARVRE, of Daytona Beach , Florida petitioned to Rep. John Mica of Florida who is  on the Committee -Transportation and  Intrafracture to PRESERVE AMTRAK.
Thank You-Bob  added 4-11-02
Bombardier cars 
I am glad that we have this website.  I am a regular user of Amtrak.  I use it weekly.  I would be so upset if we lost our beloved trains.  I see the real culpret in the downsizing the railroad.  It's the Bombardier Horizon cars that we bought.  My friend Norel Pxxx was cross about the bad performance they have. Toilets freezing and a large amount of lavitory door locks don't work.  They are so bad that you sometimes have to slam the door to the lavitory in order for the lock to catch.  When the Talgos came out and the new Acela trains came out, things impoved big time.  The
vestibule doors have full height glass panes on the doors.  The Talgos are low-floor cars.  Assign a Talgo train to the Union Pacific Sedalia sub, and the stations along the line won't have to buy lifts.  The best move Amtrak has made was when they bought the Bi-Level Superliner cars, the Talgos and the Acelas. If we loose the two lines on the UP Sedalia sub, then we may have to get rid of the beautiful Kirkwood station.  And I love that station.  One way to help
save Amtrak is to buy our elected official some tickets and show them some cab-ride movies that were made by Pentrex and other rail related movie companies.  I am even wanting to have Amtrak build a new route called the "Missouri Zephyr".  The train would use the BNSF Cuba sub.
thanks, Patrick added 4/11/02

Bob,I'm glad I took the time to visit  As a 25 year plus railroader with 10 plus years as an Amtrak conductor I say it's about time that the employees' speak out.  It's time to tell everyone from Mr. Bush all the way down to Mr. McCain that America does need a passenger railroad and the current employees (maybe not current management) are the ones that can provide this service.  The only thing we need is for once to be given the needed funds to operate.

Bruce I. Selby
Conductor Amtrak/Metrolink  added 3/31/02
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Amtrak Management:
I agree.  Amtrak must be saved, but before we save Amtrak we have to save it from its management.  I work for Amtrak and it is a down right crying shame what Amtrak management has done to our rail system.  Most if not all Amtrak management has reached their height of incompetence.  The millions of tax payer dollars which they mishandle every year without prejudice is a crime.  Believe me when I tell you that Amtrak managers can cost the company 10's of thousands of dollars and not be held accountable.  Actually, in most cases they get promoted.  Anyway, when you write to your legislators about funding Amtrak, do so only if the current management is reassessed and the foul balls (and there are many) eliminated and the remaining and new are held accountable for their failures.  No different than any "for profit" corporation.  Amtrak management are the stewards of OUR national rail passenger system.  It does not belong to them, it belongs to US, the taxpayer. Added 3 31/02

Jay sent an e-mail:
Forwarded Message ---------- 
Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 1:38 AM -0500 

Subject: Save Amtrak 
President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, Senators Levin, Stabenow, and McCain, 
I support and urge you all (the Congress and leaders) to: 
- keep a national long distance passenger train network and support 
continued funding of our national rail passenger network. - Amtrak national 
rail passenger network is a vital part of our country past present and 
future. - I want Amtrak and our long distance trains to survive and grow. 

Thank you. 
Jay D 
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 
Jay Thank you, for sharing your e-mail Bob Stone web master save Amtrak.3/27/02
It's great to have support from theU of

i live in north dakota,we need ,need,need amtrak. Bill added 3/27/02
I am the reservation agent that wrote about  how I was concerned about Amtrak employees. Well, things are already happening here. As of yesterday we got notice of furloughs. Due to cut backs at our stations there will be bumping in of agents. Full time agents have an option of either going part time or floating?? If we choose to go part time we will bump a part time employee and they inturn will be furloughed. This is a very sad time for Amtrak. 
I am very angry that President Bush is not helping. Reservation agents have not had a contract since  1998 so this is why this is happening to our agents TCU oked it. I think your web site is great and I tell as many passengers and employees as I can. I even put your flyer by the time clock. Well thank you again.  XXXXX Agent  added 3/27/02
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Thank you Thank you
for your website.  As the fate of Amtrak and long-distance trains becomes more unclear, I find myself seeking kindred spirits who love the train. I can only agree that we must pressure this rail-unfriendly administration with our letters and emails.  And we must also 'spread the gospel'.  I have made several coast-to-coast trips in the past few years, attending business conferences in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
     I work for an industry that employs many high-strung consultants who consider 'fear of flying' a character flaw.  But I stopped apologizing for it long ago.  Instead I regale my friends and co-workers with stories of my train adventures.  Many are surprised to learn you can leave Boston on a Friday afternoon and arrive in LA early Monday morning!  Speaking of Boston - I would  hate for this forum to become a West vs East coast rivalry.  It is precisely the long-distance trains that bring us together and allow us to appreciate the beauty and magnitude of this country.  We are indeed lucky here in Mass. to have 2 very supportive senators and a major newspaper (The Boston Globe) that consistently cover and support Amtrak. And the new Downeaster from Boston to Portland is going great guns!
    I wonder if McCain or Bush have ever traveled by train across their respective states?!  I certainly am going to urge them to do so.  Sorry for rambling and being maudlin - but you've hit a nerve with me!  Thanks again -
SEB 03/19/02
amtrak funding 
thank you for your reply bob, another point i think is worth seems a large part of the funding question is whether or not amtrak can make any money or not?my answer is name one part of the federal gov. that one time the post ofice was the only one that did ,im not sure about that other including the military,whose budget they want double,makes any money.none of the countries they subsidize make any money,if they did they wouldnt need help.why is this so important with the nations railroad?thanks, ed c aDDED 3/18/02

Your website 
Thank you for writing our local paper, the Albany Times Union. I got your website from your letter to the editor and will be emailing my reps. Thank you for working so hard to save Amtrak.  I have travelled many times from Albany to southern Florida and I must admit, Amtrak does have its problems but it is crucial in this time of global climate change to have an alternative to the 1 passenger automobile and I don¹t think privatization is the answer. Privatization almost always destroys stuff because of the greed factor.
Thanks for being there and working so hard,
Roberta P Added 3/18/02


LES L train conductor #3/4 LAX KNG LAX Added 3/18/02
Les, Thank you, All Amtrak employees should take time out and contact the President and Congress. The company is not allowed self help. It's up to each employee to speak up to save Amtrak, their paycheck,future and retirement.Bob

web site and Amtrak 
I wanted to comment on your website and Amtrak.  First, thank you for putting up a web site dedicated to the cause of saving Amtrak.  I would like to say that i think that you should change your layout a bit to organize it by topic (there is a LOT of stuff on one page), but you definitely have some good links and information. 

Second, I would like to say that I fully support your cause of saving Amtrak, because it is simply a much better way to travel.  I hate driving long distances and every time I've been on a plane I couldn't wait to get off.  No leg room whatsoever, turbulence, and sitting so close to the person next to me I felt like I was in a sardine can.  In contrast, every time I've gotten off an Amtrak passenger train, I couldn't wait to get back on!  Leg room, the freedom to move about, beautiful scenery, good food, and not having to worry about traffic, etc.  How much better can it get?  Well a sleeper would be nice.  Maybe I should get one next time. 

That said, I believe that there is better way than having the federal government continue to fund Amtrak.  I don't think the government is the solution, I think it is the problem.  And what I mean is the welfare for motorists and airlines (and their passengers).  The subsidies, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars (probably surpassing $1 trillion if you count state governments) make it impossible for Amtrak to compete.  If the government were to start making motorists and airlines pay the costs associated with highway and air travel (which I believe they should) and give the welfare money back to tax payers, Amtrak would have a tremendous price advantage.  Ridership would soar, allowing Amtrak to make a profit, expand service, and do lots of infrastructure improvements.  Without this price advantage, I believe a national passenger rail system will never realize the potential that is still there.  We will never see passenger rail like there once was in America without Amtrak being market-driven. 
In short, it would be best if the government would stop the gravy train for airlines and motorists, and just keep its welfare checkbook out of transportation.  Then there would be no need to fund Amtrak. 
Of course I don't see that happening due to special interest groups such as airlines, auto manufacturers, and oil companies who benefit greatly from these welfare checks. 
Chris added 3/18/02

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