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National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum
Prakash Tendulkar, San Jose, CA


National Railway Museum in New Delhi, is the best kept and maintained Railway Museum in India. Unlike other world class Railway Museums, all the exhibits at NRM are in open air environment. This creates a big challenge for the management,

Having seen many other Railway Museums in North America, I must admit that management of NRM has been successful in meeting this challenge.

Considering the number of exhibits and capability to loan working locomotives to various zonal railways, NRM is one of the largest and successful railway museum in the world.

Disclaimer: The information about rolling stock is collected from publications by National Railway Museum. It is deemed to be accurate but not guaranteed. 

Bird's Eyeview.jpg (67876 bytes)  Bird's Eye view of NRM from over bridge

Bird's Eyeview_2.jpg (72747 bytes)

Bird's Eyeview_3.jpg (81233 bytes)

Bird's Eyeview_4.jpg (55954 bytes)

Map at entrance.jpg (40584 bytes)  Map of NRM at the entrance

MTR-2 at entrance.jpg (68950 bytes)  Made by Dick Kerr & Co., Preston, this 0-4-2ST worked at Karachi Port Trust in 1910. In 1917, it was transferred to NWR to operate at Marala Timber Depot. In 1922, they were transferred to Dhilwan Creosoting Depot. It is displayed next to the map at the entrance.

May be Pakistan Railway can look at NRM for her heritage as there are many exhibits on display here operated on rails that are in Pakistan now.

The exhibits can be subdivided into five categories.

Broad Gauge 5'-6"

Meter Gauge

Narrow Gauge 2'-6" or less

Patiala State Mono Rail


Last but not the least...


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