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WDM1 being restored.jpg (63019 bytes)  WDM1 # 17000, which was received in dilapidated condition couple of years earlier, is being restored to glory. This loco unfortunately, did not come with power plant or traction motors.

WDM1 being restored_2.jpg (60230 bytes)

WDM1 being restored_3.jpg (71290 bytes)  To understand the efforts needed to restore this loco, please click here to see the pictures of the same loco when it was received.

Ramgotty.jpg (54912 bytes)  Ramgotty is one of the most beautiful and rare steam locomotive. Built in 1862 by Anjubault in Paris, it is the only locomotive in India with outside Gooch valve gear. Originally 4'-0" gauge with wooden brake blocks, she was named after Shri Ramgotty Mukherjee, the last General Manager of Nalhati Azimganj Light Railway. It was re-gauged to 5'-6" in 1892.

ST-707.jpg (56007 bytes)  Built in 1904 at Mughalpura workshop (now in Pakistan) from kit received from North British Locomotive Works, UK. This 0-6-2T was used for shunting duty by NWR.

ST-707_2.jpg (56842 bytes)

Phoenix.jpg (56470 bytes)  Phoenix was built in 1907 as Rail Motor car by Nasmyth & Patricroft in UK for East Indian Railway. In 1927 coach portion was removed and it was converted into shunting locomotive (0-4-0WT). Her sister locomotive "Hercules" is preserved at DLW, Varanasi.

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B-26_2.jpg (46247 bytes)  B-26 (0-6-0) was built by Sharp Stewart & Co. in 1870 for hauling passenger and freight trains by Oudh & Rohilkund Railway. It has two separate whistles with separate tones.