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National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum
Prakash Tendulkar, San Jose, California


Sentinel_1.jpg (50578 bytes)  Sentinel BDR-8 built by Sentinel Wagon Works, UK, in 1929.

Sentinel_2.jpg (53996 bytes)  Builder's plate on Sentinel BDR-8

Sentinel transmission.jpg (37102 bytes)  Close-up view of Sentinel's transmission.

Barsi Light Railway.jpg (50983 bytes)  Built by Metropolitan Amalgamated Railway Carriage & Wagon, UK, in 1905, it is composite of 3rd class sitting, luggage and Guard's compartments.

Decauville.jpg (61387 bytes)  Decauville: Built in 1902 by WG Bagnall & Co., UK, for the strategic lines on NWF Railway. It ha a peculiar arrangement of a saddle tank and surprisingly one arm of the safety valve is used as the steam manifold.

CS-775.jpg (58187 bytes)  Built by WG Bagnall in 1927, it was the lightest loco in IR  and it plied between Shantipur and Nabadwip Ghat in the Sealdah division of ER.

CS775.jpg (52371 bytes)

WT-594.jpg (57042 bytes)  Built by WG Bagnall in 1925, it operated on a vast network of erstwhile Gaekwar Baroda State Railway. I has a water tank on both sides of boiler and the tender carried only coal.

WT594.jpg (56680 bytes)  Same loco in 2001.