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Grand Trunk Railway of Canada

Aultsville, Ontario

GTR second station (built circa 1866-1889) to replace 1856 smaller wooden station.

Relocated here in Morrisburg due to massive 1950's St.Lawrence Seaway project which made Aultsville into a ghost town.

Sits at Crysler Farm Battlefield Park (1813, War of 1812) as well as Upper Canada Village.

Train is just "leaving" the station!

88 (ex 910 nee 1008) Displayed as GTR 1008 with Aultsville station.

Baggage ex CN 11562/8851, nee ARYX 3442. Built Pullman 1923.
Coach ex CN 3474, nee GTR 2074 Built GTR PSC 1901.

Morrisburg, Ontario 9/04/2012. A miniature park train also operates here.




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