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Logging and Lumber Railways in Ontario

Abitibi Paper Co. Ltd. 70 Retired 1978.70-ton Shay Lima #3298 2/26 Iroquois Falls, July 2004.

This is a rare look at a long-gone pioneer era of early logging railways and lumber operations before trucks and changing markets. Many of these operations had little or nothing published about them and photographs are hard to come by. The earliest included tramways, pole roads and animals along with home made engines, steam locomotives, both geared and rod including "dinky" engines.

Early History

A.B.Gordon Latchford

Acme Timber Foleyet

Austin Lumber Dalton and Nicholson

Booth & Shannon/Pratt & Shanacy Biscotasing

Canadian Northern Eastern Lands Foleyet

Cargill Limited Cargill

Continental Wood Products Elsas

Holt Timber Bolger Bridge

J.R.Booth/Nosbonsing & Nipissing Callander

Pineland Timber Foleyet

Smoky Line of the Spruce Falls Power & Paper Co.

Victoria Harbour Lumber Co. Victoria Harbour

Key Valley Railway (link)

Collection of John Tolonen/Lost Channel Lodge

Key Valley 50 (acq. 8/30/1917 Ex CNoR 50) 4-4-0 Cyl. 17"x24" Drv. 62" t.e. 12% Manchester #596 9/1873.
(Built as GTR 155, re# 1898 GTR 293, sold 10/1902 IB&O 3, 1/1912 became CNoR 50)
Note: Received a new boiler 12/1883. Don Mc.Queen/Ray Corley research

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