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Victoria Harbour Lumber Co.

Victoria Harbour

John Waldie a Toronto businessman incorporated Victoria Harbour Lumber Company November 20, 1886 to take over a failing sawmill Kean, Fowlie & Company in Victoria Harbour, Ontario, along with hundreds of square miles of timber rights, bush camps, schooners, three tug boats, warehouses, and yard engines. Waldie built much of the village including houses for his mill workers, a general store etc. He bought out a third mill in 1890.

By World War One Victoria Harbour was the largest village in Simcoe County. However around this time Mill No.1 was torn down, and Mill No.2 burnt. By 1920 most of the commercial pine had been harvested. On November 26, 1927 the company ceased operations and the third- and last remaining – Mill was torn down. Several hundred workers were laid off and the town lost its economic base.

VHL No. 1 history unknown

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