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Holt Timber Company
Whitestone, Ontario
Est. 1909

Bolger Bridge, Ontario

This logging railway ran from Bolger Bridge on the CNR eastward for three miles, to Holt's Bay on Wahwashkesh Lake (where a sawmill was built), and took up again near where the Magnetawan River enters the north body of that lake. Locomotive and rolling stock were barged between the two railheads as required. Line was built in 1916.

Brief history

Photo: Brian Westhouse

Holt Timber 17 (transfer 2/1922 from parent Holt Lumber, Townsend, WI.)
c.9/1909 Ex Gunflint & Lake Superior, Gunflint, MN 1905
Nee Alexander & Edgar Lumber Co., #4, Iron River, WI

Shay 3-truck 60-ton Lima #683 12/1901



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