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Brian Westhouse

The Canadian Northern sawmill at the west side of Foleyet, began operations in 1916, under its Eastern Lands division. Canadian National sold the mill to Acme Timber Co. of Sudbury in April 1926.

CNR 3 Alco/Rogers 53867 was among the last of three orders of twenty locomotives built for stock in July 1913, as the Patterson N. J. (Rogers) plant of the American Locomotive Co. was closing down. This engine started out as Mackenzie Mann & Co. # 11, before being reassigned as Mount Royal Tunnel & Terminal Co. # 11, then to its final CNR location at the Foleyet sawmill, as # 3.

photo: Art Boyer at the throttle of # 3 at Foleyet sawmill.
From the collection of (his son) Bert Boyer, Foleyet.

Acme Timber

After being acquired from Canadian National, Acme Timber added a second dinky engine of uncertain origin.

CWPC still shows on engine at Foleyet.

Note: Continental Wood Products Corp. operated a mill at nearby Elsas 1920-1929.

Acme Timber Company of Sudbury was formed in 1922 as a major supplier of mining timber to INCO.

Acme Timber acquired R. B. Heron's mill at Tionaga in 1925, then the CNR mill at Foleyet in 1926. (purchase of the mill was actually autumn of 1925). While both locomotives were used at Foleyet at the same time, one of them, most likely the # 3 was taken to Tionaga for use at that mill later on.

D. H. Haight of this firm, formerly associated as Haight and Dickson (since 1903) had been a major supplier of mining timber, railroad ties and cordwood fuel, for Inco's open air roast yards at Copper Cliff and O'Donnell. In 1902 the first president of the newly formed International Nickel Co. Ambrose Monell, sent his cousin D. H. Haight, up from New Jersey, to contract for this work. Haight's brother-in-law Ben Foote Merwin became manager of Acme Timber. In 1932 Merwin formed the Pineland Timber Company, which took over Acme March 15, 1934.

Haight & Dickson operated a mill at Bethnal 1922, though it burned down about a year later.

Pineland Timber

Here is the still unidentified 0-4-0T saddletanker under Pineland ownership.

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