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CPR Facilities



Feature Articles include yards, shops and other facilities.
Other articles may contain some photos, maps etc.

System Double Track 1917

CTC across the system.
Spanner 1958

British Columbia Only

Calgary, Alyth Yard

Calgary, downtown yard.

Calgary, Ogden Shops

Central Maine & Quebec NEWEST

Jackfish, Ontario
Coal dock

Montreal Area Only

Muskoka Yard 1909
Renamed MacTier

Ottawa area map of all RR lines 1965 NEW

Parry Sound yard old aerial view

Smiths Falls yard Aerial view 2014
September 7, 2014 Grant Bailey

Toronto-Montreal map of all RR lines 1930 NEW

Winnipeg new yard (1904)

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Roundhouses, shops, yards and other facilities.

including Alyth, Calgary
BC Only inc. Drake Street.
Montreal Only inc. Angus, Glen and St.Luc.

Water tanks, standpipes, etc.

Maintenance of Way

Caption and details about Fairmont motorcar.

Typical Maintenace of Way Dept. sectionmen's toolhouse located all along every subdivision systemwide.
Doors were secured by a typical keyed-alike padlock identical to those used on switches.
However, the key was different having a square hole rather than a round one and letter T
instead of S along with initials C.P.R. These keys were issued only to M of W employees
and not to train crews except assigned passenger train conductors for emercencies.

Reicing and Heating (R&H)

Three views. Out of service and due for demolition.




Heating plant Sudbury


This tower was at the throat of Palais station. If you kept going to the left, you ended in the freight yard and to right you went to Palais station passenger tracks. The reason it was there was a small CP freight yard (with freight shed and yard office) immediately south of Palais station. The road which the crossing tower protected was very busy with traffic to the port. The throat of the freight yard, and junctions to port spurs were right there. The conclusion at the time was that there were switch tenders downstairs, and a gate keeper upstairs. The thinking was that there was a yardmaster/station master located in the yard office at the west end of the freight yard (and right across from the south side of Palais station) who controlled all the movements out of the CP Palais station and yard. Phil Mason

Lethbridge Viaduct 1909 article

Colour photo (no date or credit)




Moose Jaw yard. Jim Booth Collection

Sure looks like winter! Yard office Brandon, Manitoba mid-1960's Jim Booth

Another view of the immediate area Brandon taken from the bridge. Nicer weather!

Old style scales with four rails used for faster move across scales without weighing and for locomotive to bypass scale.
There is even a derail. What a place to derail anything! Smiths Falls June 24, 2000 Three photos Rich Stewart.




Typical crossing watchman's tower. Chatham Oct. 15, 1980

Crossing protection signals Wig Wag

2811 with Third Class symbol freight 911 due to depart Smiths Falls yard 12:45 p.m.for Chalk River Subdivision destined to Sault Ste.Marie. July 19,1958 Smiths Falls Robert F. Collins/James A.Brown Collection

On the headend is CP 40876 a 40 foot wood steel frame staggered doors box car just renumbered from auto car series 296307-299799. Mixed in with the 36 foot 2448 cu.ft. steel frame stock cars (2000+ cars) is 277052 one of two hundred new 40 foot 3863 cu. ft. steel stock cars.

Preston assigned 8161 in the Electric yard Galt. Note overhead crane in center background and scale at far left.
Main yard on the Galt Sub. in the foreground.


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