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Canadian Pacific Railway

Roundhouses, shops and other facilities.

BC Only

Montreal Area

Moose Jaw roundhouse 1979
Inc. Aerial view of entire yard.

Saskatoon roundhouse 1909

Carleton Place roundhouse plan



Medicine Hat


Circa 1903 postcard cancellation 8/23/1903

U3d 6245 coaling up! Lethbridge 5/1944 Ken Mac Donald/Joseph Testagrose Collection


North Battleford

Aerial view of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Late 1950's James Booth Collection


Winnipeg shops August 1983

The building in the foreground is the old Winnipeg diesel Shop. Notice the two construction trailers next to the Diesel Shop.
In 1983, the new Winnipeg Diesel Shop would be under construction out of the picture on the right side.
Everything else in the background is part of Weston Shops. 1981 view: Large
The photographer was standing on a covered City of Winnipeg Water Reservoir to take the picture.


CP S-4 7117 is sitting "in the pocket" no doubt waiting for a signal from Rugby Tower to move through
Rugby junction at the west end of Winnipeg Yard. The "pocket" is actually the start of the La Riviere sub.

Description courtesy of Paul Smith, Winnipeg

Two views of roundhouse and area Brandon. Turntable long gone.

Water tank and two new-style coal towers still in place. Stock car likely contains ties or other OCS material.


Chalk River enginehouse. 6506 April 30, 1973

Two views of roundhouse Webbwood, Ontario. 1980-08-07 Wolf Kirchmeir


Twin diesel sanding towers at Toronto Yard with famous one-of-a-kind 8921. 4/22/1980 Clayton Langstaff


Aerial view of Ottawa West roundhouse.

Ottawa West with 2401 near the old coal chutes soon to be replaced.
Stock car spotted at Stores Department carried OCS parts from Angus.
c. 1950 L B Chapman Collection

Modern coaling plant at Ottawa West. G2 2582 has its small 12 ton tender filled with an extra half ton or so of coal!
New RS-10 8481 delivered 4/28/1955 dates this photo. Ron Visockis Collection

2811 at the coal chutes off passenger special (excursion) from Montreal. Smiths Falls 4/17/1960


Enginehouse. Maniwaki, Quebec.

Suburban service power waiting for afternoon departures includes 2408 and 2821. Glen 6/15/1959

New Brunswick

1044 just in off the St. Andrews branch. McAdam, NB. 6/17/1959

Coaling Dock. Chipman, New Brunswick

Derrick being used to coal up 136 in this 1950's scene. Woodstock, New Brunswick.
All photos: Wendell Lemon Collection

144 coaling up. Derrick is air operated supplied by locomotive.
Bottom of bucket opens to unload a half ton of coal.

Hand cart is used to fill buckets. Engine coal in box cars was not common although stove coke always was.
This coal came from nearby Grand Lake area where CPR switched several mines.

A hard pull swings bucket towards tender.



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