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Canadian National Railways

Preserved and displayed locomotives NEW
Tourist trains etc.


Cab interior with controls indentified.

Northern westbound.

6021 and a Hudson are two of several engines sitting on the shop tracks. Spadina 4/06/1959 Bud Laws Collection

Shopman is about to lift lid to refill (if necessary) trailing truck journal.
One of the many labour-intensive tasks done every time
a steam locomotive was serviced at a roundhouse.

5292 sitting on Spadina shop track with 4456 during the transition era.


Lineup (left to right) 3424, 3304, 5282, 46, 2567, 3488. Turcot 9/5/1954

B-26-a 392 (ex GTP 118) 375-399 25 engs Cyl. 18" x 24" Drv. 69" Press. 200 lbs. t.e. 19%
New Westminster 1926 L A. Stuckey/Jim Booth Collection .

Locomotive builders presented a number of framed photographs of a new order to the customer.

Museum Train

40 sits on display in Montreal. It would later join the Museum Train touring Canada. Stan F. Styles

0-6-0T 247 on display at unknown location. Circa 1953. Bud Laws Collection

40 and 247 on display together. Bud Laws Collection

Note: It was common practice for steam locomotives assigned to yard service to be equipped with fire hose.

6205 on the table at Turcot in Montreal 1943. Joseph Testagrose collection

It is all over with. Steam has ended its rein. 7433 Turcot August 27, 1960 Bud Laws Collection.

5252 cab interior 1938 Canadian National Railways

2174 and 2152 inside Brandon roundhouse. June 20, 1959 Bruce R. Meyer/Bud Laws Collection

American subsidiaries Central Vermont, Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific, Grand Trunk Western and Grand Trunk.




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