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Passenger rail resources.

The Internet can speed information dissemination and help the cause of passenger rail. From this page, rail advocates can find information on passenger rail support, how to write your elected representatives and other information to help argue for the case of passenger trains. More information will be added in the future. The Webmaster will be happy to post additional materials visitors suggest as useful.

Ideas to improve Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas Amtrak service../

Federal & state elected officials Names to contact with letter and e-mail campaigns. Includes telephone and fax numbers as well as other representatives' district offices. Updated 08/03.More federal lawmaker links from NARP

Sample letter This is a sample letter you can customize to write your Congressional representatives and senators.

Passenger Rail Points Valuable information to help argue for passenger rail. Includes flyers, handouts, essays and other writings by people ranging from travel agents to Amtrak Reform Council members.
Rail passenger discussion groups News and discussion. Keep informed on latest service additions, changes, proposals and legislation affecting U.S. passenger rail.

Links to state & national rail passenger advocacy organizations Extensive listing of links to other national and state pro-passenger rail groups.

Never ending subsidies! Get the low-down on billions of dollars the federal government spends on highways, airplane travel and waterways, yet at the same time demands passenger rail become self-sufficient.

Amtrak statistics (from Natl. Assn. of Rail Passengers)

Common Amtrak myths
Answers to some of the recurring misleading statements that frequently appear in news reports or in conversation about Amtrak and passenger rail.

Passenger rail-related information and links

The Most Dangerous Ways to Travel Safety statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board that show the most dangerous forms of travel, broken down by mode.

Amtrak's America Article (2000) describes how well Amtrak serves America's metropolitan statistical areas.

Amtrak cities served Tables detail cities that Amtrak passenger trains serve. This information graphically shows how many U.S. cities of significant population do not have passenger train service.
Population of Amtrak routes

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