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Passenger Rail Discussion & News

Internet passenger rail information.

The Internet is full of forums and e-mail discussion groups to assist rail passenger advocates. The following is a listing of some of the more prominent national discussion groups. Join a group, where you can post questions, answer questions about rail travel and even learn more about how to support passenger rail.

These groups provide news, updates and ideas on improving passenger rail service. To post messages, membership is required for most groups. Some groups, such as Passenger_Rail_News and MOKSRail, are public; messages and files on those discussion groups can be read by anyone.
The more regional, smaller and train-specific groups provide less discussion with less messages that fill your e-mail box. These groups can be set to receive messages in a daily digest or no-email (Web-only) mode.

National passenger Web forums/ discussions:
This is the granddaddy of them all, with more than 600 participants. Join in on the discussion and debate.'s Amtrak discussion/
 This forum also provides good information. However, many long-winded arguments and flame wars used to occur. Some in that group often discount and criticize long-distance passenger service - the backbone of U.S. intercity rail service .  Many former long-time posters and passenger rail advocates no longer post there.'s Amtrak discussion

News updates on passenger rail:

FriendsOfAmtrak/ More than 2,000 people subscribe to this announcement-only news group. Volunteer Craig O'Connell provides subscribers periodic updates on Amtrak legislation and news designed to
mobilize passenger rail advocates to support continued funding for Amtrak.
Pro-passenger rail news, information and newspaper articles

Discussion/ announcements of other rail passenger advocacy groups

. Good source of daily updates & news articles on Amtrak & passenger trains. Updates & news articles on the June/July 2002 Amtrak funding crisis, from .

Regional passenger rail discussion groups:
Missouri-Kansas: MOKSRail/
Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma & Texas: CentralPassengerRail/
Montana: montanaamtrak
Nebraska: ProRailNebraska/
Pacific Northwest: pnwpassrail
Mountain West Rail - Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana passenger rail issues
Southwest Rail: Arizona, New Mexico rail advocacy
Tennessee Assn. Rail Passengers:/TARP/
Texas: TexasRail/
Texas Rail & Transit/

Midwest High Speed Rail announcement group

Train-specific discussion groups:
Empire Builder
California Zephyr
Sunset Limited: SunsetFriends
City of New Orleans group
Coast Starlight and Pacific Surfliner
Coast Starlight discussion group
Washington DC- Atlanta - Dallas: Crescent Star News

Amtrak and passenger rail discussion groups:


ProRail Travel: Train Travel suggestions
The Train Traveler
State Rail Passenger Association discussion- for rail association officers
Train Rides - discussion of excursion trains

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