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Route 66 Gas Station
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

Route 66 Gas Station

    A group of muscle car enthusiasts stop for gas as they cruise route 66.  This is the Shell gasoline station which is on old Route 66 in the north end of town.  This area is about to be remodeled to make way for wider radius turns on the main line.  The eminent domain rights of the railroad mean that this gas station might have to go.  If after the remodel there is still some room for it, it will be up graded with better gas pumps.

A man pays for gas to fill up his vintage 1965 Mustang

A couple of Corvette owners compare their cars


The building was scratch made from vertical blinds with a door, windows and air conditioning added on.  The Pepsi machine was painted red and decals were applied.

A couple of hitchhikers try to thumb a ride.

One last look

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