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My House at Halloween
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad
My House at Halloween
   Following the holiday theme is a front yard scene for Halloween (still under construction.)  I guess it's the kid in me that makes me want to say that this is my house, where my scale size character lives.  Most of it's details are custom made from scratch and nobody else has a home like this one on their pike.
   This house is a standard split level home with a large porch.  There are jack o lanterns, a frankenstein and a grim reaper decoration.

   Inside the house the living room contains a grand piano, a scratch build "Flying V" guitar, and an amplifier.  There is also a fireplace with a fire, extra firewood, and pictures on the wall.  There are several cats here enjoying the fire.

    The den has two tables, a lamp, a big screen TV, stereo speakers, and a sofa.  But who is the beautiful women standing next to the piano?

   The garage contains a pool table and some shelves for tools etc.  That's me in the garage.   Look close and you can see the basketball rim and backboard over the garage door.  A corvette and a SUV are in the driveway.  Garbage and recycle containers are by the fence behind the decorative Frankenstein.

    A father follows his children as they trick or treat.

   The dining room is also detailed with table and chairs.  The kitchen has custom made cabinets, sink, stove and oven, all visible through the large front windows.  Upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms are planned and will go in next.
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