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Out on Patrol
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

Out on Patrol

   Ever since The California Highway Patrol arrived on the layout, strict vehicular code enforcement has been applied.  Major offenses which call for immediate removal of offending vehicle: vehicles with no drivers which have been reportedly zooming down the streets, also vehicles with no interiors.  Other infractions include no mirrors, no mud flaps etc.  Speeders and drunk drivers better watch out also.

This vintage car really is vintage.  I've had it since the 1970's.

This red Micro Machines Corvette just looks fast.

It's people who make the layout come alive.  Make sure that all vehicles have drivers.


Smokey Bear (The C.H.P.) has pulled over a speeder.

"Nice car.  Can I see your license and registration?"

"It's a nice day for a drive with the top down,

but I don't need a ticket."

You are busted. This is the end of the scenic tour. Start at the beginning of the tour by going to the West Side

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