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This page is for the easy retrieval of any new information and/or updates 
made to, and for the Heathrob".com"Railroad Web Site.

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** Going to add more Chessie photos.

** I've got some great track equipment photos to add.

** Got some German railroad picts from my brother to add soon! 

02-17-2004     ~     Finally moved into the new house and selling the old one!  Yea!!!           
Made a small addition to the Model page and I hope the readers approve.
I've come to the hard and difficult conclusion that my photography will be
taking a back seat to the modelling aspects of railroading.  Hope you all can understand,
I've just got to make a command decision and do what's most important to me.
I will however still take pictures of any and all Chessie cars and Locomotives
that I come across and include then when able.
Look for those and more soon!  Well... hopefully.

12-17-2003     ~     Made a small change and addition to the Model page that I'm sure most people will enjoy.
Don't know what I'm going to do regarding the Railfan page... possibly delete it entirely. 
I don't know yet.  Other much more important things to me are taking too much of my 'free' time!
The Railfan page may just turn out to be a very small addition to the site, instead of the main attractor
as I was hoping it would be during the inception phase of this web site of mine!
***    Unfortunately, due to AOL's ABSOLUTE DECIMATION of the perfectly good product Netscape, 
I've gone over to Mozilla (Netscape as it should be... well, almost!) and so if you are viewing
my web site with either MS's Impotent Exploder, or AOLscrape you may not 
be able to view the pages as I have exactingly created them.  My apologies...     ***

9-16-2003     ~     Hmmm, things haven't gone as I'd planned as you can see.  Baby Miles is taking a lot more
of my free time than I'd hoped (a few of you might just know that I shouldn't have even thought about it!)
but I will start scanning in my other railfan pics as I get the chance.
Otherwise:     I've added a couple of new Chessie photos to the mix:
2 Bay Hopper
I'm also going to find out why my scans are coming out fuzzy, because I'm really not enjoying 
the fact that the actual photos are much, much better than the scans come out.
Stay tuned, if you are able!

5-31-2003     ~     Okay, started the slow process of scanning in my favorite railfan pictures, 
and updated my Railfan page. Someday, I'll get the time to do a bunch more!
I also added a new cover photo to the Home page.

5-21-2003     ~     My son had surgery recently so my apologies for almost having a months wait on updates!
Getting back into the groove of things here...
Made additions to the Chessie System Hoppers pages:
2 Bay Hoppers
3 Bay Hoppers
and that seems to be all on the Chessie car scans for the moment.
Next to do... scan in all of the other railroad picts that I've been promising for over a year now!

4-26-2003     ~     Ohhh, we're havin' fun now!!!!!  Created an E-mail Correspondence page instead
                         of having my e-mail address on every page for the Spammers of the world to ferret out.
Consequentially, I've redone all of the links regarding E-mails.
Also ~ I've made sure that all of the Copyright dates are "up to speed" and correct.
As with anything else, please notify us using any of the e-mail links provided, if you become aware 
of any problems, or if you have suggestions regarding anything on  the Heathrob".com" Railroad Web Site.

4-24-2003     ~     Worked on the HTML text of the Home page to make it look better and added a new photo to it.
                    Created an amendment to the Model page that I think you will enjoy hearing about.

4-22-2003     ~     Well, here's an addition for you...!  Wrecks & Derailment addition
of an NS truck squished by a Valmet in Cincinnati, OH.
Only one photo, but well worth it!

4-19-2003     ~     Finally, have done a few things with the Chessie indexing that will make it easier for me to work 
on the site.  Have also created Quick Indexes for each page of Chessie Freight Cars in order 
to help you find the car numbers you wish to see.  I have hopes that it will make things easier if you 
are looking for one particular car number instead of just any miscellaneous picture of a Chessie car!
Let me know if this kind of indexing will help or not!
Scanning, and photographic additions will hopefully resume soon!

3-20-2003     ~     Have received a few requests to "update my site", this will happen sometime soon.  I apologize that it hasn't happened sooner, however my newborn son is taking a lot of my "free time" and shall take a lot of it 
in the future as you can well imagine.  Please know that I will be updating this site 
in a few more weeks with a good amount of my newest pictures.  Hold on folks... !



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