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Please be aware that any and all images/photographs on this Web Site are to be considered as 
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and all rights are reserved as to their use and placement.

If you feel that you would like to use any of our images/photographs posted on this Web Site, 
please E-Mail me/us for permission first.
(no offense is meant, but I like to know to whom, why, and where our images are being used)

All .GIF images and/or background images (unless otherwise noted) used on this Web Site 
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(I do not hold claim to them, nor they to me...)

This Web Site is meant to be a vessel to showcase our various photographs of railroads, 
and is not affiliated with any national, international, or other railroad 
from which these photographs are, or may be taken.

We at Heathrob".com" do not profess to be professional photographers...
we do not know the f-stops, aperature settings, nor do we always know exactly when a 
certain photograph was taken.  We do not, at this time, necessarily hold these things
to be foremost in the enjoyment of our hobby, and sincerely hope you understand.



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