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These two fictional railroads will occupy the same HO scale model railroad layout within my basement.
Pictures, ideas, and my thoughts will be coming soon regarding the plans and my dreams for this endeavor.
As for now... here are the general outlines for these fictional railroads of mine!


Heathrob Industrial Leasing
- and / or -
Heathrob Industrial Switching Corp.


Cincinnati Western &
Great Lakes Regional

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CW+GLR logo
The HILX may very well turn into HISC
(Heathrob Industrial Switching Corp.) at some point in the future.
My thoughts have turned from a leasing
company that
lends out power, to a local
switching railroad.  Possibly,
the "older" power
will have the HILX markings and will
still be
leased out, but the remainder of the companies
units will have the HISC logo (
whatever that may turn
out to be...)
on them.  Ideas come and go at will 
you know!?
Power:     GP-30's and other 4 axle locomotives.
The CW&GLR is a 'small-ish' railroad that is part of a fictional consortium of other smaller railroads (This consortium,  much like the real-life RailAmerica, may include the HISC once it branches out from the primary leasing company into doing local switching duties.)  The CW&GLR gets it's primary business from a local power plant, and large auto parts warehouse on one small-ish mainline (purchased by the CW&GLR) that a class-1 railroad has let go of for financial reasons. (hey, this is my railroad, not real life!
Power:     SD-35's and other 4 & 6 axle locomotives.
Special Notes:     On my layout in it's current only on paper, 'dream' form, the CW&GLR has the primary switching yard and one (rather large) industry to switch, but only occupies an approximate quarter of the space.  The HILX/HISC will occupy the rest of the layout and have the primary switching duties for the remainder of the industries served.  So far, I've got 7 industries to be served, but that will possibly be reduced to 6 (hopefully not less) because of spacial constraints.  (isn't that always the case?)

Well.... time flies and I've been having fun!
     After starting this layout in the summer of 2002, I have finished the framing, the trackwork, and have wired it for DCC running!  Wow... and I thought I'd never get it done, especially since the size of the layout greatly surprised me - and in a GOOD way!
     My earlier track estimates were unfortunately off a little due to a plan that just wasn't quite the right fit. (don't you just hate it when you're only off by 4 inches?)  So... with a very small alteration of the faulty plan... Viola!  I have what I consider to be a great switching layout that I and a few friends (only a few will fit!) will enjoy for quite some time to come.
     I have 8, yes... count them, 8 industries to serve within the same space I thought I'd have to cram in only 6 or the invisioned 7.  I found a nice area for a 'team track'/bulk loading siding that I hadn't previously viewed as 'available'.
     Once I get going and create time (and who among us has time to create time!?!?!?!) for scanning, I'll be sure to amend this page and scan in pictures of the construction of my 'small-ish' (7 1/2' x 18 1/2') "L" shaped HO scale model railroad layout! 
Hmmm, more fun to be had than I could have possibly imagined!
     The layout is coming down!  But not for bad reasons in any way shape or form!
     My wonderful little family is now going to be moving to a larger house in this general area. (read: daddy gets the whole basement this time!)  My 'smallish' (7 1/2' x 18 1/2') layout is going to definitely triple in size (if not more... ) and become the layout that it was always destined to be. (at least from the multitude of  visions that I've had in my head recently... )
     I know that the layout as it stands now will be incorporated within the new and expanded layout.  How exactly, I don't know... but mostly in the same general sense that it is currently.  I've constructed it in a modular way (sort of... ) in order for me to be able to move it easier.  So some of the pieces as they currently are situated will be either moved to other areas of the layout, or become expanded within the generous new space that I'll have at the new house!
     This increase in size will happen over a rather large amount of time due to time and money issues, (and don't we all have those?) so don't expect any quick and timely updates from someone like me.  I mean, just look at the past year or so!


Ohhhh, too much fun for my brain to handle at once...
      My new basement is rather a whole lot bigger than I'd imagined it could be.  The dimensions are 43' x 23' (23' x 23' w/ a 20' x 10' 3" wing).  A far cry from the earlier point to point switching layout I had.  Now, my only problems are time, money (mostly this unfortunately), and finding/deciding on a track plan that I'm happy with and will accomplish all I've invisioned.
     As it is now... I've got the mainline running alone the perimeter of the basement walls and I've decided to change the names of some of my fictional shortlines.  I'll include my latest revisions to my timeline and railroad names very soon.
     As for now... Oh, man do I have my work cut out for me!



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