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Amish west of La Plata, MO, on Hwy. 156

Amish west of La Plata, Missouri

A Photo Essay by Carl Morrison,

October 16 - 21, 2011

Each time I go to La Plata, Missouri, I like seeing and visiting with the Amish there.  I try and save time on Saturday, their day to shop, to go to the Amish Store and the Amish Bakery west of La Plata on Hwy. 156 in hopes to meeting them.  The Amish always enjoy talking about farming, and I was born and raised on a farm so I can converse in that area.  They also are proud of their horses and buggies. 

Ben Myers, fellow Field Reporter for, told me that the Amish Store had moved, so I looked for their sign while driving west of town.  I noticed the sign and pulled in, remarking to  my son that the sign sure was small and easily missed.  Then I realized that it was large enough for someone driving a harse and buggy to see with no problem.

Saturday is free coffee and donut day, so after buying 2 large sacks of peanut brittle, I enjoyed a donut and coffee.

I noticed that Mrs. Yoder had copies of the Silver Rails Map in her bakery and I mentioned that I'd photographed an Amish horse and buggy crossing the tracks near the Station, and pointed to the photo in the map.  She said she had recognized the photo because it was their horse and buggy.

A young Amish boy rode this pony in and 'parked' him at the feed store.

A praying mantis watched with beady eyes.

The horse collars and harness in the barn reminded me how happy I was that I did not have to work with horses when I was on the farm, but instead we had an Allis Chalmers tractor.

A little farther west, at the Amish Store, they had a nice display of pumpkins and Indian corn.

A husky young Amish man had driven this horse to the Amish Store.  Amish have these light, fast horses to pull their light weight buggys and heavier work horses for the farm work.

His buggy looked brand new to me and he confirmed that it was only 2 years old.

In town you might spot an Amish buggy crossing the tracks near the station, or going over Brown St. Bridge above the tracks.

I like the sight of a buggy traveling at full speed behind a beautiful horse.  Missouri does not, however, provide a wide berm along highways for buggys as do other states who have Amish residents.

If an Amish is hauling something too large to get in the buggy, and not heavy enough for a work team and steel-wheeled wagon, build a trailer for behind your buggy.  This was in Macon, MO.  The cargo, a child's bed.

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12.  La Plata, Missouri, Post Office   Built in 1937
13.  LAX to LAP on the Southwest Chief.

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