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Welcome to Railway Junction!
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A small tribute to the railfan community in India...A junction of Travelogues, Railfanning Reports, Image Galleries and Information about one of India's most Scenic routes - the Konkan Railway

The First journey, by train, that I remember was during the 1992-93 period, and that was by a Day train. Those days trains used to have Diesel locos and Steam locos were mostly extinct by then. (Atleast in the place where I lived!) Since then, I have travelled many times by train, but until 1999 not much journeys had been done. After 1999, I have travelled many times by trains, mainly those long-distance ones. A sight that comes into my mind when I think of rail journeys is of a Smoking Alco loco puffing as she hauls the train through curves and gradients. I am an ardent lover of Diesel Locos and love to see them smokin' up!

I had been considering my love for trains to be a one-off case until about 2003. In 2003, I came across a group of ardent rail lovers. This group is the Indian Railway Fans Club, or IRFCA! As a member of IRFCA, I understand that there are many Railfans across the length and breadth of our country, India! This website is a small tribute to this huge community!

Thank you dear visitor for finding out time to visit this website that I have presented before you with an aim of publishing Travelogues or Trip Reports of various trips that I undertake and to present a variety of images for all of you!

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