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Travelogue: Down Journey
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Moving to the Garden City

This was my last trip from Mumbai to Bangalore as a Mumbaikar! My family is shifting to Bangalore, and I and my dad were moving to Bangalore with quite some luggage this time around! Here is some titbits from the trip

I took the 1017 Dadar-Yeswantpur Chalukya Express for my final trip. The loco that did the honors was WDM3A #18852R of Kalyan (worked end-to-end). My coach was WGACCN 00124 (B1) based at Dadar Coaching Yard on Central Railway's Mumbai Division. The train left DR on time, and reached YPR late by around 35 minutes. The train was more or less on time upto Birur, and lost time after there. The train lacks a pantry, and catering is done by base kitchens enroute. Dinner was loaded at Kalyan, Breakfast at Ghatprabha and Lunch at Alnavar. All of them were good!

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