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The home of a some readable travelogues written by me...

Over the past few years, I have traveled many times to the south and each journey has been presented here before you as a "narration". I have tried my level best to cover the maximum spottings and details of each journey as much as possible. Some errors might have crept in, especially spellings or grammatic. I request you to kindly excuse me for such errors, and do continue visiting this page for more and more travelogues.

The rating system:

Along with each travelogue, a rating is given for the train/journey. The rating is meant to be a pointer to identify the short comings/positives of the train. The train/journey is rated based on three parameters viz, Coach, Punctuality and Catering.

Coach ratings are based on two sub-parameters viz Ride and Cleanliness. Ride ratings are purely based on personal observations. Cleanliness ratings are based on the cleanliness of toilets, common areas and passenger cabin - This is a personal rating.

Punctuality ratings are based on the punctuality of the train at the starting point (of the journey), major intermediate stations, and at the ending point (of the journey). Maximum points (10) is provided if the train arrives/departs at the points mentioned within 5 minutes of the scheduled time. For delays upto 30 minutes, a rating point of 9 is given. For delays upto 60 minutes, a rating of 8 is given and for each subsequent hour of delay one point is reduced. A rating of 4 is given for trains running late by upto 6 hours. Beyond 6 hours delay, and upto 12 hours, a rating of 3 is given, and for delays beyond 12 hours, one point is deducted per slab of 12 hours. That is, a train running late by 24 hours gets a rating of 1, and a train running late by 48 hours gets a rating of -1. Negative rating is possible.

Catering ratings are based on four sub-parameters viz, Variety, Cost, Palatability and Serve size. Variety and Palatability are based on personal inferences, and this varies from person to person. Cost ratings are provided vis-a-vis the prescribed rates. If the rate collected matches with the presribed rate, a maximum rating of 10 is given. Rating is decreased based on the amount by which food items are "over priced". For items sold at more than 50% of presribed rates, a rating of 5 is given, and for items sold at more than 100% of prescribed rates, a rating of "0" is given. Serve Size ratings are based on the quantity of food served. If food items are served in quantities prescribed by the authorities, with all prescribed auxillaries, then a rating of 10 is given. For each deviation, a point is reduced. For heavy deviations, a standard rating of "5" is given.

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