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Brief History of the Building of the Ann Arbor Railroad
(from AARRT&HS Newsletters)

Notes from Annual Reports for Ann Arbor Railroad 1891 through 1948
(mainly equipment roster items)

Toledo State Line

Don Maddock's Dundee Area Slide Presentation

The Manistique and Lake Superior Railroad
(Web Site)

ANN ARBOR RAILROAD Construction Roads
(Report to Michigan Railroad Commission 1919)

Menominee_and St. Paul Railway Company
(Taken from I.C.C. VALUATION DOCKET No. 127)

ICC Valuation1915  - summary report

Frankfort and South Eastern Railroad

Detroit_Hillsdale & Southwest Railroad

Railroads built by or for use of the Toledo, Ann Arbor and North Michigan

(Jack Simmons E-mails on

Toledo, Saginaw and Mackinaw Railroad
Michigan RR Commission, Newspaper articles

 Railroads Connecting to Ann Arbor Railroad [Short lines, Logging lines, etc.]

Manistee & Grand Rapids (Michigan East-West)

Manistee & Northeastern (North-Eastern)

Arcadia & Betsy River Railroad

Owosso and Corunna Traction Company

The Toledo, Ann Arbor and Detroit
The Toledo, Ann Arbor and Jackson
Toledo - Detroit

This railroad had many problems during its building, and it believed
by many for the reason for Ann Arbor RR purchasing of the McKeen motor cars

Wisconsin railroad's that the car ferry operation supplied

Wisconsin Central

Wisconsin & Michigan

Companies Operating on ex-Ann Arbor Railroad trackage Owned by State of Michigan

Ex-Ann Arbor Railroad privately owned

Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway
GLC – Local ops

Great Lakes Central – Corp.



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