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Fall Vacation Trip 2003
   I decided shortly after returning from my last trip in early August that I should schedule my next trip soon to go back to Cedar Point Amusement Park as I generally go every year and would prefer to take Amtrak to get there. I looked online and found several Rail Sale Seats available that would make the trip very affordable. I booked a Rail Sale Seat on Train #49, the Lake Shore Limited from Buffalo to Cleveland where I would connect with Train #29, the Capitol Limited and ride to Sandusky. This connection would be new for me as Train #49 no longer stops in Sandusky thereby requiring the connection. I decided to ride to Washington, DC after visiting Cedar Point, then ride up to Boston and spend 2 days there. I would take the Capitol Limited to DC and the Federal, the overnight train on the Northeast Corridor up to Boston. I would come home on The Lake Shore Limited from Boston. The total cost for my tickets was $127.60.
The Dreaded Phonecall That Changed The Entire Vacation:
 I was supposed to be riding Train #49 out of Buffalo on Thursday, September 18th at 11:55pm. One thing that basically we have no control over would end up changing everything and nearly make it impossible for me to even make this trip:


   On Wednesday Afternoon, September 16th, I received a dreadful phone call from Amtrak that nearly ended this vacation before it even began! Due to flooding, high winds and heavy rain, Amtrak cancelled several trains that ran in the path of the Hurricane including the Auto Train, Florida Silver Service, The Cardinal, The Three Rivers, The Capitol Limited and, you guessed it, the Lake Shore Limited on the night I was supposed to ride! I now found myself trying to get alternate transportation arranged since Amtrak refused to provide any citing the fact that so many trains were cancelled, that it would logistically be impossible to find other transportation for everyone. Amtrak only offered to rebook or cancel their reservations with no penalty. I was able to receive the $17.20 I paid for my tickets but ended up paying $62.00 to take a 7 hour Bus Ride From Hell on Greyhound! On a much happier note, after the bus ride itself, this turned out to be an excellent vacation, please read on. This Travelogue is broken down into the following parts:

The Train Rides (And A Bus!)
Segment 1 - Bus Ride From Buffalo To Sandusky, OH (It's A Short Report!)
Segment 2 - Sandusky, OH To Washington, D.C. On Amtrak's Capitol Limited
Segment 3 - Washington, D.C. To Boston, MA On Amtrak's Federal
Segment 4 - Boston, MA To Buffalo, NY On Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited

The Destinations:
Sandusky, OH - Cedar Point Amusement Park - My 12th Year In A Row Visiting!
Washington, D.C. - Sightseeing In Our Nation's Capital
Boston, MA - Sightseeing/Railfanning In The City That Brought Us "Cheers"!

Trainwatching Report: