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Trainwatching Report - Boston, MA - September 24th, 2003

Trainwatching Report:
Boston & Westwood, MA
On Amtrak's Northeast Corridor
Wednesday, September 24th, 2003

   This would prove to be one of the biggest days of this entire trip. I had 2 simple goals for the day. First, I wanted to railfan on the Northeast Corridor since that would be something I’ve never done before. I also wanted to find the bar in Boston that inspired the TV Show “Cheers”. I woke up before my wake-up call came through as I couldn’t sleep further, I checked my E-mail and headed for Burger King nearby for a quick breakfast. I went back to the hotel, grabbed my camera bag and jumped on the Red Line Subway back to South Station where I spent the better part of an hour and a half railfanning on the platforms while waiting for my Commuter Train to Westwood. South Station consists of 12 tracks that are jointly used by Amtrak and MBTA Commuter Trains. This provided me the opportunity to photograph several Acela Express Trains that I otherwise wouldn’t see since I’m not from this area. Below are photos taken on this excellent day of railfanning on the Northeast Corridor, enjoy...

An MBTA Commuter Train in Braintree, MA next to the last station on the Red Line Subway which is above ground in this area.

A Red Line Subway Train that would take me back to Downtown Boston.

At South Station, Amtrak Acela Express Train #2160 sits at the platform after arriving here just a short time ago with Power Car #2039.

Amtrak Regional Train #190 with AEM-7 #951 for power sits in Boston.

Acela Express Train #2150 with Power Car #2006 on the lead arrives into South Station. This view was from the far end of the platforms.

Amtrak Train #449 - The Lake Shore Limited - Boston Section departs from South Station with P42DC #191 on the lead at 12:19pm.

To the left is Regional Train #170 with HHP-8 #664 for power and to the right is Acela Express Train #2150 with Power Car #2006 for power.