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Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2003 - A Visit To Cheers In Boston

A Visit To The Bar That Inspired
The Hit TV Show "Cheers"

   Many people don't know, but the original Boston Bar that inspired the hit series on NBC that ran from 1982-1993 was based on an actual bar in Downtown Boston that had the name "Cheers". I had to see this for myself as I've watched countless episodes of the show over the years. I came to find out that the bar is actually a very small bar/restaurant that looks nothing like the set you saw on the TV show but the place still draws a huge crowd of people (like me) who just had to have a beer there!
   I arrived at this bar by riding the Red Line Subway from South Station to Park Street where I transferred to the Green Line, and rode one stop over to Boyleston where I got off, and walked through Boston Common, a huge park in the center of Downtown Boston. Cheers is located at the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets across from Boston Common. Below is a few photos I took of the exterior of the bar when I visited it on this trip...

The restaurant behind the Cheers Sign says "Hampshire House", on the TV Show it said "Melville's Seafood".

This is the view of the bar that was shown on the TV Show. Outside is the full menu for the restaurant located inside the bar.

Looking downstairs, as the bar is in the basement as it was on the show.

OK, living proof I was there! I had a Rolling Rock Beer inside that cost $5.00. You could buy the mug you had your beer in if you wanted for an extra $6.00.
   And so ends another great day on this trip where I got to railfan in an area I've never visited as well as visit one of the most famous bars in the world. I headed back to my hotel and had some Pizza and Wings from some local outfit in the area as I couldn't find a Pizza Hut anywhere that would deliver to my hotel! Tomorrow morning, I would be heading home, to see my travelogue from the final leg of my trip, click in the table below...