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A Visit To Cedar Point Amusement Park
 Friday & Saturday, October 15th & 16th, 2010:
 After a quick ride to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, they had a Chevy HHR reserved for me, to which I asked if they had anything else (I'm sorry, but I really don't like the way that car looks!) and they had a Malibu available if I wanted to upgrade. I paid the "upgrade fee" and took the Malibu. This was a 2009 Chevy Malibu that had over 34,000 miles on it and it also had Maryland plates on it for whatever reason. After picking up the car, I drove back to the hotel and decided I was gonna make the nearly 60 mile drive back to the west side of Cleveland to go to White Castle! Now you're probably thinking "Geno, are you nuts???" Well, we don't have this chain in Western New York and I love those little hamburgers, and I'm on vacation! So I set up the GPS in the rental car to get me back there and made the drive! After a good lunch, I drove back to Sandusky. I headed to a local Super Wal-Mart to pick up some "consumables" for the hotel (Diet Pepsi, Bottled Water, Chex Mix, and some kind of dried fruit). By now, it was after 5pm, time to make the drive to the park! I arrived at the park right around 6pm. Cedar Point once again has earned its title as "Best Amusement Park In The World" and this year was no exception. The HalloWeekends events are one of the biggest reasons to make the trip here in the Fall. Among the new attractions for this year was Shoot The Rapids, which is a water flume ride located in Frontiertown. I had the honor of being invited to the Opening Day ceremonies back in May and thus this is actually my second time visiting the park this year (I drove here back in May for that event). Shoot The Rapids was not yet opened as it was still under construction at that time. This time around, it was also closed as it is a water ride and it's not 80 degrees out anymore! Bummer! So needless to say, I didn't ride it, but there's always next year! For HalloWeekends, new this year is a haunted house attraction called "Dr. D. Mented's Asylum For The Criminally Insane". This is by far, one of the absolute scariest haunted houses I've ever walked through, and in all honesty, if there wasn't an hour long wait to get into it, I would have walked through it twice as it was so awesome! Other HalloWeekends favorites were also back including "Club Blood", "CarnEVIL", the "Fright Zone" and "Happy Jack's Toy Factory". I had dinner in the park at Panda Express (great Chinese food)! I would eventually do some night photography at the park before calling it a day. I drove back to the hotel, only to be in an insane amount of pain from all the walking I did, Thank God for Advil! And so ends a decent first day at the park. There's lots to see from CP in 2010, check out the links below!!!