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CP At Night! I Ain't Afraid Of The Dark!!!
Millennium Force's incredible 310ft tall first hill!
LEFT: The 1998-built Power Tower in lights! RIGHT: The 2003-built Top Thrill Dragster ready for another race!
The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad's #44 Steamer "Judy K." taking a break in Frontiertown Station.
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad's #22 Steamer "Myron H." taking a break in Frontiertown.
The incredible 205ft tall first hill on the 1989-built Magnum XL-200 Hyper-Coaster! This is my favorite coaster on the planet!
The Skyscraper ride in full motion with Magnum's impressive lift hill in the background!
Cedar Point once again lives up to its title of "Best Amusement Park In The World" from the editors of Amusement Today Magazine. There's no place like this anywhere in the world! The plain and simple truth is even after coming here for 19 straight years, this place never gets old or boring. I truly look forward to this trip each and every year. I was honored to be invited here back in May for Opening Day so this was my second visit to the park this year. I will definitely be back here again next year for my 20th straight year! Windseeker looks to be an excellent spinning ride so I can't wait to ride that also. If you'd like more information on Cedar Point, please check out their web site at Well, I hope you enjoyed this photo essay on the best amusement park to ever grace this planet! 2010 became the year of the night photo for me as I spent a fair amount of time honing my skills so I could do this type of photography. You'll see more examples of this later in the travelogue. And now, we're off to nearby Bellevue, OH to visit the Mad River & Nickel Plate Railroad Museum. Let's hop in the rental car and take a drive to the little community of Bellevue!!!