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Millennium Force Celebrates 10 Years At Cedar Point!!!
A view of Millennium Force as seen from Battery Park across Sandusky Bay in downtown Sandusky, OH.
LEFT: A view near the end of the ride. The train is still going around 60mph at this point!!! RIGHT: One of the two airtime producing hills
in the middle of the ride. The above 2 photos were taken on Opening Day May 15th, 2010.
Heading over one of the two middle hills, the train is at a height of 182 feet, talk about serious air time!!!
LEFT: Coming down the 182ft middle hill! RIGHT: Heading into a banked turn at the bottom of the hill.
Coming around a giant helix and heading back!
This sign says it all! Voted Best Steel Coaster In The World by Amusement Today!
That lift hill is just plain stunning! It's amazing how much bigger the trees are in that area after 10 years (see the title photo)!
LEFT: Heading over the top of the 310ft tall first hill! RIGHT: An "artistic" view of the first hill with the water reflection below.
Practically flying over the tunnel entrance to the Frontier Trail, watch out!!!
Rounding the final bend before heading back to the loading 60mph!!!
A view from the Cedar Point Marina of the amazing lift hill!
One of my early attempts at Night Photography also taken from the marina. Be sure to check
out some more night photography of this coaster and more a little later on!